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One Stop Fun Shoppe Finds Favor In FECs, Malls And Bowling Centers

Posted On: 5/30/2010

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OKOK Manufacturing's One Stop Fun Shoppe isn't for every location. However, for the growing number of sites where the unit fits the bill, it provides a one-of-a-kind modular solution. In malls, amusement parks, skating rinks, FECs, bowling centers and other high-traffic stops, the OK machine offers flexibility and high-impact merchandising.

Since its rollout last fall, the One Stop Fun Shoppe has found favor with a growing number of bulk vending and music and games operators attracted by its versatility and serviceability. Its modular design allows it to be configured and reconfigured on location in many forms, from a compact basic circular kiosk with four bins (bulk heads) to an extended unit stretching 25 feet or more with more than 20 heads.

"There's really a myriad of configurations -- anything from a free-standing kiosk of any size to wall unit of any size," said OK's Heidi Olsen-Hughey. "There's a triple center unit with three big bulk bins that can hold 1" candy or 2" product. Then there's a corner capsule unit, and a corner changer unit. The corner capsule units can be used for any 2" product."

The high-capacity bulk heads fitted to the triple center unit feature semicircular transparent false fronts that allow operators to "fill to need" while maintaining the appearance of a full machine, Olsen-Hughey explained. The capsule bins do not incorporate this front. Center units measure 35" x 17.5" while the end units measure 17.5" x 17.5"

Each of the triple center units has three top-opening bulk bins with "stay open" hinged lids and a single key for easy top-loading. Coins are drained from the Beaver coin mechs to a single bin located beneath the bulk heads, accessed with a separate key. According to Olsen-Hughey, this unique configuration can cut service time by up to 75%. It also allows operators to contract out replenishing to a mall employee while extending service calls to emptying the cashbox. As she explained, the One Stop Fun Shoppe is the product of a lot of operator input. The idea, she said, was to make the unit less labor-intensive and more profitable. For instance, each candy bin holds four or five times as much as a typical bulk head. Additionally, the unit features extra storage beneath, as well as the battery-powered American Changer AC401 that can be adapted for tokens or coins.

OKEach component, which can be configured onsite using a few basic tools, is constructed of heavy duty 3/4" pressboard. Three basic graphics packages are available -- Pirate's Treasure, Fun Shoppe and Candy Shoppe -- and OK will work with operators to create custom graphics to match location decor or include logos for branding purposes.

"A lot of our operators are getting squeezed out of shopping malls or higher-end theaters because those locations want to create a more upscale image," Olsen-Hughey said. "We wanted to do something to enable the operator to become more of an asset to the mall. For instance, if a mall loses a store, the operator can cover the storefront with a beautiful money-maker that doesn't look cheesy or like they just threw it together."

According to Olsen-Hughey, malls are in competition to present a different experience to their shoppers, including leisure and entertainment, and bulk vendors should want to be part of that change. "A bulk operator can say to a mall, 'We know you are totally changing your image, you're trying to rebrand yourselves, and here's what we can offer.' The property managers who have seen this unit have been very, very receptive."

OK Manufacturing is based at 2340 South 900 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84119. It maintains a website at Heidi Olsen-Hughey can be reached (800) 748-5480.