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Oct. 3, 2003: Show Merger Hits Impasse; AMOA Moves 2004 Show Dates; The Magic Number: 43,000

Posted On: 10/8/2003

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CHICAGO - The American Amusement Machine Association announced on Oct. 3 that "The one show concept with the (Amusement and Music Operators Association) is currently at an impasse." An official statement from AAMA said: "We have polled our ASI (Amusement Showcase International) exhibitors, attendees and membership. The majority opinion is to have one show, but in the spring time frame. So many of our exhibitors, attendees and members are also regulars at the IAAPA show in the fall, making the spring time slot so much more desirable for a combined show. We hope to continue discussing the one show concept and are seeking ideas from our membership and the AMOA to help to rekindle the issue." As reported by "Ahead of the Times," Sept. 24, leaders of AMOA and AAMA met during the AMOA International Expo in Las Vegas on Sept. 18 to discuss a merger. Based on extensive surveys, both groups agreed in principle that merging AMOA Expo and the AAMA's ASI would be a good idea. However, AMOA leaders reportedly insisted on keeping any coin-op exposition in the fall, which has been an AMOA tradition for 55 years. AAMA's statement continued: "The Joint Industry Council will continue to move forward. The 'One Show' concept is just one of many important issues that the two associations have been working on together. AAMA and AMOA strongly believe in the Joint Industry Council and the great work that has come out of it."



CHICAGO , The Amusement and Music Operators Association will hold its 2004 AMOA International Expo from Oct. 7 to 9 (Thursday through Saturday at Las Vegas (NV) Convention Center. According to AMOA president Chris Warren, the change was made after learning the prior dates being held for the show in mid-September next year conflicted with the Jewish holidays. "Our executive committee acted quickly and made the proper decision. We were fortunate to secure alternative dates and are already making plans for another solid show next year," Warren said. AMOA's 2004 trade show and convention information will be available at



U.S.A. , By VT's count, the U.S. coin-op amusements industry today includes an estimated 43,000 networked video games and jukeboxes on location, operated by 3,000-plus operators who represent a solid majority of the operating community. Visitors to last month's AMOA International Expo saw all five leading jukebox and music companies and five leading video game manufacturers spotlight downloading machines and/or networked equipment. What does this mean? For some reason 43,000 online machines appears to be the "magic number" that has suddenly convinced a critical mass of operators that they must provide online products and services. As dozens of operators told manufacturing executives at AMOA Expo: "Now I get it'I suddenly understand why I have to be online." VT music and games editor Marcus Webb examines this critical turning point in the industry's history with three key articles that will appear in VT's next edition. They are: an overview of the online video tournament market; a lead editorial; and an extensive analysis of the downloading music market, co-authored with VT managing editor Nick Montano. Look for them in your October issue of VENDING TIMES, mailing soon.



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