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NSM Offers Low-Cost Upgrade Program For Ex-Ecast Icon Jukeboxes

Posted On: 7/12/2012

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ELMHURST, IL -- NSM Music Inc. has kicked off an upgrade program for its customers who run Icon jukeboxes formerly compatible with Ecast's network. The company reports that, in the wake of Ecast's shutdown on March 1, NSM began working with operator clients to convert their jukeboxes for connection to its own network by means of an affordable core upgrade. Simultaneously, the music company undertook to develop suitable conversion software for the Icon model.

The new upgrade program includes a replacement hard drive that NSM is making available at no cost to its customers. Since the drive contains everything from the operating system as a memory image through the applications to the drivers, swapping out the old drive is quicker and more reliable than attempting to reprogram it remotely, the manufacturer explained. And it is helpful for the operator to be on hand during the upgrade, to let location personnel see the new software and ask questions.

"NSM recognizes that former Ecast customers have other options for replacing or converting their jukeboxes affected by the Ecast shutdown," said NSM senior vice-president of music Bob Cooney.

After Ecast's shutdown, AMI Entertainment Network Inc. announced that it had become a secured creditor of Ecast. AMI has since developed migration path for former Ecast jukeboxes to connect to its network. TouchTunes, which administers the nation's largest digital jukebox, is attracting some former Ecast subscribers with its Virtuo jukebox and OpenStage system software.

For its part, NSM plans to compete by offering operators short-term contracts and by supporting its products through an aggressive service program, Cooney said. NSM's parts and service departments are now available 24/7 in the U.S.

NSM Music, NSM jukebox NSM's new disk drive can be replaced in the field in about 15 minutes, Cooney noted, so operators can get their Icon jukeboxes up and running on NSM's network. The Ecast-to-NSM conversion program is free to NSM jukebox customers who trade in their old Ecast hard drives. NSM requires a $100 deposit, refundable upon return of a working Ecast drive.

A memory upgrade also is required. NSM offers a 1 GB memory upgrade kit for $65, or operators can order suitable memory modules from a computer supply company. NSM also has a COIM board bypass kit for Icon 1's that have COIM issues.

COIM -- or Coin-Op Interface Module -- is a circuit board that was designed and manufactured by Ecast. "Some people believe the COIM is extra sensitive to static electricity and as a result could cause a jukebox to 'jackpot' -- randomly adding lots of credits," Cooney explained. "And in some cases, certain components on the COIM just fail. And since there is no current supply of new COIM boards that we are aware of, NSM customers who have Ecast boxes with COIM board failures now have a solution that saves their hardware investments."

Arrangements for free Ecast-to-NSM conversion hard drives, and information on converting Icon jukeboxes, may be requested from NSM by calling (630) 279-2244.