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NRI Hails Eu'Vend As Climax To Epochal Year Of Progress

Posted On: 8/21/2007

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BUXTEHUDE, Germany (August 2007) -- This fall's Eu'Vend convention and trade show in Cologne will represent the icing on the cake for NRI, which has experienced an eventful year. According to the company, the past 12 months may prove to have been the most important period in its corporate history.

NRI, one of the Crane Payment Solutions companies, reports that it has made sweeping advances in product development and enhanced customer focus.

On the product development front, NRI plans to unveil an array of new products at Eu'Vend. According to marketing executive Stephan Tomforde, "The vending market is a key market for NRI, and we have placed our focus in the last year on this market." For that reason, he explained, the company has spent a great deal of time discussing the advantages and challenges of today's change-dispensing systems with its customers. It then took the insights gained through this exchange of ideas to its research and development team for implementation as real-world improvements.

"We have taken a bottom-up approach to a number of new developments, and asked very basic questions about what we do and why we do it," said NRI managing director Gary Partridge. "This has led us to determine that there is a completely new way that we should look at coin handling."

Partridge disclosed that the new products are focused on delivering the best possible performance in terms of cash flow, operational performance and reliability. "Combining this new approach to coin management with an exciting new cashless solution really provides our customers with the optimum payment products," he said, and that in turn will assist in increasing profitability.

On the customer service front, NRI also has moved fast and far over the past year. Managing director Dr. Klaus Wurster, has concentrated on the sales team. He began by turning over primary responsibility for sales to Carles Aleixandre, who previously had headed NRI's Spanish subsidiary, and who has steadied and strengthened the team's customer focus.

The team also has been reinforced with new staff members. Key appointments have included Andrea Zanelli in Italy, Mark Simmons (responsible for international markets) and Michael Pfeil, who rejoined NRI in April to focus on the burgeoning Eastern European market (see VT, May).

Pfeil pointed out that he always has appreciated the quality offered by NRI, and his technical background has given him better insight into the factors contributing to that quality. The integration of the Crane Payment Solutions group has advanced this appreciation to a new level, he added; linking NRI with CashCode and Telequip has combined the advantages offered by each to deliver unrivaled value to the customer.

"Our three companies within the Payment Solutions Group complement one another very well," Partridge concurred. "The challenge has been to bring them together, to offer the so-called 'synergy.' What's important to us is that we can provide more customer value by offering complete payment solutions."

As an example, he instanced the NRI Payment Manager. Developed to meet the growing need for the simple incorporation of payment solutions within PC-based amusement, vending, kiosk and vending machines, this apparatus undertakes all control tasks, including communication between the peripheral payment units and the PC controller -- regardless of the PC interface (it supports both RSV-232 and USB) or the data transfer protocol required by the payment systems. The Payment Manager makes it simple to implement payment capabilities in a PC-based machine, which reduces development time and engineering complexity."

And the best is still to come. "Eu'Vend starts another 12 months that will be even more exciting," NRI summed up.