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Nov. 3, 2003: Rowe Buys Arachnid's Digital Jukebox Patents; Video Violence Becomes Presidential Campaign Issue

Posted On: 11/3/2003

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Rowe Obtains Arachnid's Digital Downloading Jukebox Patents

GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- Just days after announcing that its financial future was set with its pending acquisition by Harbour Group, Rowe International today revealed that it has signed a licensing agreement with Arachnid Inc. to obtain exclusive rights to seven Arachnid patents and patent applications for a digital downloading jukebox. Under the deal, Rowe has the exclusive right to "practice" (make, use, sell and offer for sale) the technology covered by the patents. Additionally, Rowe said it's considering sublicensing its patents to other digital downloading jukebox manufacturers and service providers doing business in the United States. The license deal was negotiated by Rowe chief executive  J. Douglas Johnson. Arachnid, leader in the electronic dart field, filed some downloading jukebox patents as early as 1990. The company announced plans for a downloading jukebox in the mid-1990s but never actually introduced such a product. Arachnid filed suit against TouchTunes Music Corp. for patent infringement in 1998, but in 1999 agreed to dismiss its lawsuit "with prejudice." Next, Arachnid updated its earlier patents based on discovery of prior art presented during earlier litigation; re-filed for new patents in 2000; and was issued those new patents in April 2002 and May 2002. Johnson said the new patents are "much tighter'solid and sweeping" in their coverage of downloading jukebox technology, manufacture and administration as well as other functions such as downloading advertising images for display on a digital jukebox's monitor.


Senator Lieberman Injects Violent Video Issue Into Presidential Campaign

GREENVILLE, SC -- Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) is merging the presidential campaign trail with his anti-video game warpath. In a campaign talk to a Baptist Church here on Sunday, he promised to work for content ratings for video games and TV shows that will provide more information to parents. He particularly attacked this year's top home video game, "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City." According to numerous press reports, Lieberman said: "It's awful. If you saw it, you'd be disgusted and outraged."



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