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NexTraq Unveils VT-2400 Telematics System With Driver Monitoring

Posted On: 9/13/2013

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NexTrag_VT-2400 ATLANTA -- NexTraq has introduced its latest global positioning system vehicle-tracking device, the VT-2400 series. The new instrument offers the same automatic vehicle location, monitoring and reporting capabilities as its stablemates, and adds technology that detects aggressive or dangerous driving behaviors, such as "jackrabbit" starts and abrupt braking or cornering. A tamper shield covers its cables, to deter unauthorized access and insure accurate reading.

A built-in accelerometer allows operators and fleet managers to monitor driver behavior and learn how their route personnel are handling their vehicles. A driver safety scorecard detailing these events can be generated for use in additional driver coaching.

NexTraq customers can set up predefined thresholds for events, and review the driver safety scorecard to proactively increase driver safety and reduce driver-related accidents. The company explained that these capabilities not only keep drivers safe, but also can prevent costly accidents and liability claims.

The VT-2400 features battery backup and an internal antenna to further deter tampering. Available on the 3G network, the system allows for growth into 4G technology. The device is Bluetooth-enabled, and supports JBus connectivity so it may be installed in heavy trucks if desired.

NexTraq observed that GPS fleet-tracking technology enables operators to enhance and streamline their fleet operations. The company's hardware and software make it easy to find a single vehicle, or the entire fleet, and view their positions on a colorful onscreen map. The system also shows whether a particular vehicle is moving, idling or stopped.

The software tracks and records all activities including starts, stops and the duration of stops. It also speeds and simplifies finding addresses and dispatching the closest vehicles over optimized routes. Gyroscope technology provides precise tracking of each vehicle's movements.

The NexTraq solution is a cloud-based application designed to help service and distribution businesses optimize their fleet operations while reducing costs and maximizing revenue. According to the manufacturer, NexTraq customers can realize the return on their investment in as little as one month.