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New York City Passes Unprecedented Salt-Warning Rule

Posted On: 9/17/2015

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TAGS: New York City salt rule, National Salt Reduction Initiative, food service, salt disclosure on menus

NEW YORK CITY -- The Big Apple is the first city in the nation to require chain restaurants to post warning labels next to menu items that contain high levels of sodium.

The new rule, passed unanimously on Sept. 9 by the New York City Board of Health, requires restaurants with 15 or more locations in New York City to post salt-shaker emblems on menus next to dishes with more than the recommended daily limit of 2,300mg., about a teaspoon. The labeling requirement takes effect on Dec. 1.

In 2010, New York City launched the National Salt Reduction Initiative, a public-private partnership that sets voluntary targets for reducing salt levels in restaurant and packaged food. | READ MORE

New York City led the campaign to ban trans fat from restaurant meals and for requiring chain eateries to post calorie counts on menus. It also tried unsuccessfully to limit the size of sugary drinks with a ban that would have been the first of its kind in the nation (it was struck down in 2013).

Restaurant industry members opposed to the salt-reduction proposal argue that that the courts struck down the large-size soda ban as overreaching by the health board. But the city's health department says it has clear authority to require the salt warnings.