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New Vender Dispenses 'Ultra-Hydrating' Alkaline Water

Posted On: 4/5/2011

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CARLSBAD, CA -- EarthTrade Water Inc. International is taking the wraps off a vending machine that dispenses alkaline water, prized by health enthusiasts for its superior hydrating properties.

Water produced by the new LV-1000 vender has a pH range of up to 10.5, and can be adjusted to the generally recommended 9.0 level. The system reportedly breaks water molecule clusters down into smaller groupings -- a process known as microclustering -- which is said to make water easier for the body to absorb. Another benefit, according to EarthTrade officials, is that the water's strong negative "oxygen reduction potential" makes it a powerful antioxidant.

The water is purified by reverse osmosis. Minerals removed during treatment are replaced by a built-in mineralization system, and the water is ionized before being vended. The vender dispenses ambient temperature or chilled water, and can fill 500ml., one-liter, one- gallon and five-gallon containers. It can deliver up to 530 gallons a day.

The machine comes standard with a coin mechanism; a bill validator or credit card reader are optional. The SmartTech remote monitoring system, another option, tracks sales and notifies the owner by email when service is needed. Other options include a video screen to display advertising and other digital content content from an internal DVD player, along with a bottle-cleaning system and a bottle dispenser.

Standing 29.5" wide x 24" deep x 74" high, the water vender is designed as an ideal fit for stores, malls, schools, healthcare facilities, workplaces and government agencies, according to EarthTrade officials.

The company has been producing NSF/ANSI-certified water filtration products for the home, agricultural and commercial markets for the past 15 years.