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NCR Tests Digital Download Concept On Blockbuster Kiosks

by Staff Reporter
Posted On: 11/17/2009

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DULUTH, GA -- NCR Corp. is piloting a new model of its Blockbuster Express-branded movie-rental kiosks that allow patrons to download a movie to a secure digital (SD) memory card and play it on a suitably equipped home television.

The test machines are located in select Blockbuster locations and other retail stores. They are built and operated by NCR in partnership with MOD Systems, which enables access to its extensive digital catalog of video titles.

NCR currently rents the latest DVDs to consumers around the United States through thousands of Blockbuster Express kiosks. Its existing kiosks are "digital download ready" and NCR plans to rapidly expand use of the technology through its existing kiosk base.

The initial SD pilot will provide a digital media player to trial participants to enable playback on a TV. Future tests will allow consumers to move digital content via the SD memory card to a number of portable electronic devices, like notebook computers and cellphones.

Rentals from the digital download kiosks will be tested at various prices. In a departure from existing rental practices, consumers will have 30 days from purchase to watch the movie. Once they begin viewing it, they have 48 hours to finish watching it before digital rights management technology automatically locks the content to prevent further viewing.

The initial deployment will offer consumers a choice of more than 1,000 new releases and classic movie titles, with the catalog increasing to more than 1,500 titles by early 2010.