Posted On: 3/7/2003

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SAN JOSE, CA - (Posted March 7) According to Namco America president Kevin Hayes, "Ultracade is completely out of bounds in selling 'Pac-Man' or any other Namco titles for arcade use with their system. They have not licensed it from Namco or anyone else. Operators buying Namco titles from them should realize they are buying an unlicensed, illegal product and that Namco is taking appropriate action to protect its intellectual property from misuse / theft. Namco continues to sell various models of our '20 Year Reunion: Class of '81 Ms. Pac-Man / Galaga,' incorporating Pac-Man' at very competitive prices; the market has responded by buying over 13,000 and is still not showing any signs of slowing down."
Reached for comment, Ultracade's David Foley stated: "We offer fully licensed and legal copies of any and all games that we offer on our platform'We have recently started shipping the Microsoft Return of
Arcade, 20th anniversary edition game pack for the UltraCade platform. This product is offered for sale by Microsoft, and is fully licensed and fully legal for us to resell. We purchase, and redistribute a Microsoft license for each copy that we sell to install onto the UltraCade platform." He added that the Microsoft product lacks a specific statement that prohibits public use (i.e., arcade play). Foley added: "We would not jeopardize our business by selling illegal or pirate games'In some cases, we have purchased legal ROMs for resale, and in other cases are purchasing the Microsoft versions for resale, in either case, we are not in any way violating Namco's copyrights."