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Namco Introduces Dead Heat Driver With 42" Monitor

Posted On: 4/13/2012

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ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL -- Namco America has updated its Dead Heat arcade driving game with a 42" horizontal high-definition monitor. The variant retains the novel social networking features of the original piece, which has a 32" horizontal display.

The update was unveiled at Amusement Expo in mid-March in Las Vegas. Operators visiting Namco's exhibit were enthusiastic about the immersive impact of the full-color panoramic view afforded by the larger monitor, the company reported. The games now are being readied for shipment.

Introduced in 2010, Dead Heat combines state-of-the-art game action and color graphics with social-network interactivity. Players who race against one another are identified as "friends," and more friends can be added as the location clientele desires. Technology developed by Namco analyzes and stores each player's driving style, and the game's controller can use that information to simulate any of those drivers when a single player competes against the game. The profiles are stored and recalled by use of personal identification numbers.

"Players return over and over to race the people they know, and quickly establish loyalty to a specific location," Namco reported.

Photos are taken of each player before the race and appear above their cars. This feature is intended to help players quickly identify their opponents and amplify competition. "Players will know exactly with who they are battling for first place," Namco explained.

Dead Heat's HD graphics provide highly detailed, accurately represented cityscapes. When players race through a virtual Chicago, for instance, they're driving on computer models based on real streets and landmarks.

Dead Heat offers a choice of eight customizable cars, including popular Japanese and American models.

Namco America Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holdings Inc., which owns a number of entertainment companies around the world.

Namco Dead Heat

photo | WIDER VIEW: New 42" flat-panel video display highlights latest version of Namco America's popular Dead Heat multiplayer driving game with novel social networking features.