Namco America Warns Operators Of Laser Threat To Hanging Prizes

Posted On: 5/11/2011

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Namco Barber Cut Lite

ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL -- Namco America has sent a notice to operators of its BarBerCut Lite and other games based on a "hanging prize" principle, recommending that they make sure the cords that suspend the prizes (or bindings that secure them to their spindles) are white in color to withstand attack by a new generation of handheld laser pointers.

The company reports that small laser pointers with enough power to burn through colored string or tie-wrap are now available for purchase from China, at a fraction of the price charged a few of years ago. "These devices are illegal in the USA, but still find their way here via the Internet," Namco noted. "A criminal armed with one of these can steal a number of prizes from a merchandiser in a short period of time."

Since the laser's ability to burn through its target is largely dependent on that target's reflectivity, a white cord can resist attacks by the new handheld pointers, Namco reports. "The lasers have no effect on the white strings that currently ship with the Namco America games," the company explained. BarBerCut Lite games stocked with white strings have been shipped standard for about a year.

Operators currently operating BarBerCut Lite games equipped with the older orange strings are urged to replace them with new white ones.
Many operators use plastic tie-wraps to attach their prizes to the strings or spindles in all merchandisers with hanging prizes, Namco America added, strongly advising these operators to use white tie-wraps exclusively.

More information may be had from Namco America by calling (847) 264-5610, or emailing the manufacturer at