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NAMA Sets Stage For Blockbuster CoffeeShow 2010

by Dean Gilland
Posted On: 9/7/2010

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When the National Automatic Merchandising Association first unveiled its Coffee Summit in 2008, it quickly became one of the most popular and highly acclaimed programs ever offered by the association. And now, in just a few weeks, many of our industry's top leaders will gather in Las Vegas for the organization's new NAMA CoffeeShow 2010 -- the single largest coffee, tea and water services show for operators in the country. The event not only builds on the success of the Coffee Summit, but it also boasts a host of sweeping additions that enhance virtually every aspect of this event which is essential for every member of our industry. 

The new NAMA CoffeeShow 2010, which will be held from Oct. 20 to 22, features expanded educational sessions in its new Las Vegas location. Attendees can expect a completely new experience that will exceed everyone's expectations. Before attendees even arrive at the show, it will be obvious just how different this experience will be. Instead of the quiet Cherry Hill, NJ, town that has previously hosted our event, showgoers this year can enjoy all the sights, sounds and fun of Bally's in Las Vegas.

The education program will include 10 separate sessions all designed for operators who provide coffee and water services. Here are some highlights, and reasons operators should attend:

The Art of Romancing Coffee to Your Customers
Espresso based drinks and specialty coffees have become mainstream over the past few years and raised the bar for those of us involved in the coffee services industry. Now more than ever it is essential for salespeople to possess the tools to present coffee in different ways. Merely selling on price alone will no longer differentiate you from the crowd. Operators will learn how to turn people's perceptions of coffee from merely a commodity to a romantic encounter in this seminar that is designed to provide the tools to talk about coffee in entirely new ways.

Gen-Y Coffee and Work is a Culture
Generation Y is the present and future of our workforce and they are confusing HR people more each day. One thing we do know about them is that they love a cup of joe. Office coffee consumption went up 23% in the past year among Gen Y employees, and it has inherently become a part of their culture without them even knowing it. So what is it that drives coffee consumption in the workplace for Gen Y? Based on their nature -- and their wants and needs -- the answer isn't simple. This session will attempt to answer this question and provide solutions for modern day coffee vendors, practices and presentations.

Sales Training is Twofold: Discovering Your Customer Needs and Coaching Your Salespeople
In today's coffee service industry, the need to professionally understand the wants, interests and needs of our clients and potential clients is essential for growing our business. In addition, the way in which potential customers make purchases has changed dramatically and points to the need for continued development in the skills necessary to create strong buying environments. Delivered by Rick Leffke, an expert in training and coaching outside sales teams, this two-part program will help operators discover a proven process that delivers predictable outcomes to ensure sales success at all levels.

Healthcare Industry Overview and How Health Reform Legislation Impacts You and Your Bottom Line
Employers have been forced to deal with healthcare costs soaring at rates that are outpacing inflation. Now that healthcare reform legislation has passed, operators need to understand not only what changes are coming, but, more importantly, what they mean. This critical presentation will cover the industry in general, help you plan and design benchmarking, evaluate emerging consumer trends and identify other ways to manage risks and costs. At the end of the session, I predict that operators will understand how healthcare reform will impact their businesses and bottom lines.

The 5 Stages of Business Ownership -- What To Do Next in the Life of Your Business
Many business owners are confused about whether to sell, transfer, merge or acquire another business. This workshop will separate the noise from the reality. Bruce Leech and Dave Jackson are two entrepreneurs who have built and sold highly successful businesses and are passionate about helping business owners make the best decisions for their own personal transition. Leech and Jackson will share their business experiences to help you avoid mistakes and pitfalls, as well as provide an overview of the five stages of business ownership. If you've ever thought about what comes next as a business owner, this session is for you. 

Find Your Profit Leaks -- Maximize the Opportunities for Improving the Cashflow Hidden in Your Business
No matter what phase of growth you are in -- survive, grow or prosper -- there are "profit leaks" in your business. These are lost dollars or opportunities that, when found, could improve the revenue, cashflow, growth and the value of a company. Fred Parrish will explain how to find and stop profit leaks and maximize found opportunities for improving cashflow hidden in your business.

Brewing Fundamentals
Brewing Fundamentals is the second part of NAMA's popular Quality Coffee Certification Program. Aspiring experts will learn how to prepare perfect cups of coffee by understanding everything from the correct coffee-to-water ratio to matching the particle size of coffee to different brewing methods and equipment types. After completing this session, participants will be able to intelligently assess and solve frequent problems relating to the final product: the taste of coffee. Separate registration and an additional fee is required for this program.



The new CoffeeShow will feature exciting new products and equipment in a tabletop display area in which 70 suppliers of coffee and related services will be showing off their wares. We also are excited once again to include our popular Bean Bucks program, featuring a coupon book for registered operators. The coupons offer savings on equipment and products, but are only good at CoffeeShow 2010.

New to this year's event is our inspiring keynote speaker, Henry S. Givray, chairman, president and chief executive of Smith Bucklin Corp. Givray will deliver "The Passion of Leadership." His presentation, which has received rave reviews, focuses on helping others identify opportunities to grow as leaders while building their commitment to continuous leadership for their business. A businessperson who attended one of Givray's sessions said it was one of the best presentations about leadership and management that he had ever heard, and that this workshop alone is worth the price of admission for the entire event.

In addition, we will be holding a silent auction at the CoffeeShow, and we're delighted to announce that a portion of the proceeds will be used to support Coffee Kids, a nonprofit organization that helps coffee-farming families improve their quality of life. The organization helps community members identify challenges and then works to link them with local nonprofits that can develop projects to address these challenges. Showgoers can bid on everything from sporting event tickets and hotel accommodations to golf equipment, just to name a few of the exciting donations we've received. Bidding at the silent auction begins at 3 p.m. and ends at 7 p.m. on Thurs., Oct. 21.

We've also left lots of time for fun and networking. On Wednesday, Oct. 20, we're holding the very first NAMA CoffeeShow golf outing, followed that evening by an opening reception at Bally's with drinks and prizes. Senior NAMA staff and CoffeeShow speakers will welcome show participants at the reception. 

These are just a few of the exciting highlights we are developing to make our event in Las Vegas the best coffee, tea and water services event you've ever attended. For more details or to register, visit

All of us in coffee service at NAMA are passionate about our work and dedicated to providing everything our members need to better understand the market, increase profitability and prosper. We're excited to be working with you to develop tools and strategies that help welcome a new era of success for you and your business, and we look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas.

DEAN R. GILLAND, NCE, is vice-president of sales and service for the National Automatic Merchandising Association. He joined NAMA in 2000, having previously served as vice-president of sales and marketing with Crown Mortgage (Chicago) and, earlier, as vice-president of consumer products sales -- Midwest at Scott Paper Co. He attended the MSU Executive Development Program in 2004, and was in the first class of NAMA Certified Executives (NCE). He holds a bachelor's degree in economics and finance from Macalester College (St. Paul, MN).