Leadrop Connects Vending Operators To Exchange Prospects

Posted On: 10/17/2017

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA -- Leadrop has expanded its pay-per-click lead-generation service to vending machine operators. The online B2B marketplace allows business owners to sell their unused leads, and others to buy them. 

Vending operators pay for a lead only after they know its specifics, including location, traffic and employee numbers, desired products and zip code, and if the lead contains a phone number, email or name. Leadrop says its algorithms match detailed lead information only to those businesses that have specified they can service prospective locations with the provided criteria.

Starting in mid-November, Leadrop said it plans to offer business directory searches connecting clients directly to vending operators. Businesses can register in the Leadrop directory now to take advantage of the current business-to-business lead-dropping functionality while awaiting the new business directory search.

In order to provide an incentive to use its platform to buy location leads, Leadrop is offering a $5 credit to all new vending operators toward the first lead they purchase. 

All vending business owners also get five "free drops" upon signup. A free drop is a lead for which the seller receives the full payment amount. For example, if Company A sells a lead to Company B for $20, then Company A would receive the full $20. 

If a user refers a friend or colleague, they both will get an additional free drop. When the free drops are used up, Leadrop receives a 15% commission for providing the service. In the example above, if Company A does not have any free drops available, then $17 goes to Company A and $3 goes to Leadrop. 

There are no monthly fees, and no charge for posting a lead for sale. A commission is only taken on a lead if it is sold. 

"This lead would have most likely been ignored or thrown away, so it is a win-win," explained Leadrop chief of business development Philip de Armendi. "As an added feature, a user can forward the lead to autodrop@leadrop.com and we automatically drop the lead on their behalf. They do not have to manually enter the lead's information. It is very quick to sell a lead, less than five seconds."

Victor Silver, chief of Sunvending (Santa Ana, CA), one of Leadrop's inaugural vending customers, said that of all the leads that Google AdWords generates for his business, the company does not pursue 85% of them. That's because they are either below its 100-employee minimum requirement or at a location too far away for its drivers to service.

"They are good, quality leads inquiring about vending machines for their location, with names, phone numbers, emails, etc. Leadrop allows me to sell these leads to other vending businesses that are more suited to service these locations that are of no use to me," Silver said.