Korea's Puloon Enters U.S. ATM Marketplace

Posted On: 10/26/2017

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PORTLAND, OR -- Puloon Technology, the well-known Korean ATM component manufacturer, has entered the U.S. market. Through its new Portland, OR-based subsidiary Puloon USA, the company hopes to find its niche in the high-quality, high-tech ATM market.

"We're very fortunate that we have a foot forward with the reputation of our dispensers, but our challenges are the same ones that any new company faces," said Puloon USA president Manny Lopez. "We still need to establish the brand, our reputation for customer service and the availability of our parts."

The two machines rolled out by Puloon earlier this year ar
e the Sirius I and Sirius II in slim form factors. | SEE STORY

The Sirius I, measuring in at 14" W. x 22" D. x 47" H., is described as the smallest freestanding ATM available in the U.S., making it a natural fit for those locations where floor space is at a premium, such as high-volume night clubs and bars. The larger Sirius II offers more features and options like a barcode reader and large 15.2" display. Both the Sirius I and Sirius II are available with a touchscreen display option. Equipped with UL291 business-hour safes and e-locks, both models comply with the latest ADA, EMV and PCI standards. Most importantly, all the internal components of the two units are interchangeable, easing the challenges of training, repairs and inventory.

According to Lopez, reaction to the new machines has so far been positive. "In the world of ATMs, not a lot changes from one year to the next," he said. "So when something new comes on the market it creates a lot of excitement and buzz."

In addition to its Portland base, Puloon has an office in Dallas and is planning to open another in the Midwest. This ambitious launch is part of a strategy to make service a central element of the Puloon brand. "There have been delays by other manufacturers in getting parts to customers," Lopez explained. "Right now we're working to make sure we have enough parts and components on hand, so if anything goes wrong a part will be shipped within 24 hours."

For additional information, contact Puloon USA at (800) 819-6044 or visit puloonatms.com.

NEW MONEY: Puloon USA's Manny Lopez takes a moment out for a photo op during the Electronic Transactions Association's TRANSACT trade show in Las Vegas.