Juice-BX Stations Charge Smart Devices On The Fly

Posted On: 1/29/2018

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DALLAS -- Juice-BX is piloting its power-charging stations, which allow customers to keep their phones and other mobile devices powered up and connected while on the go without carrying their own chargers and cables.

The Juice-BX charging stations will feature individual charging lockers to keep each device secure, a credit and debit card scanner for on-site payments, and customizable advertisements.

The company will offer larger stationary charging stations as well as mobile versions, and will coordinate strategic partnerships with businesses that can benefit from this technology, including malls, restaurants, convention centers, sports arenas and hotels. Over the coming months, Juice-BX said it will continue to develop its software and build prototypes, and the company anticipates testing its charging stations in Texas later this year.

Juice-BX formed in December 2017 as a result of the relationship between ISF Incubator and Technium, a program that matches entrepreneurs with inventions to form new businesses.  Headquartered in Dallas, TX, Juice-BX is led by chief executive Robert Brevelle and a team of engineering and vending operations veterans.

Juice-BX says it has exclusive access to select patents and patent applications related to charging stations, vending and advertising owned by The Invention Science Fund, which is managed by Intellectual Ventures. In addition, ISF Incubator provides financial support and access to Intellectual Ventures' network of mentors.

"With more people using their mobile devices more often, there is a massive need to stay charged and connected anywhere, anytime," said Brevelle. "We feel our stations will be a great solution for both businesses and consumers by offering reliable, secure and flexible power charging for a variety of devices in a wide range of locations, from grocery stores to restaurants, from malls to outdoor festivals."