Jersey Jack Pinball Sets January Production For Hobbit Game

Posted On: 1/6/2016

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LAKEWOOD, NJ -- Jersey Jack Pinball founder Jack Guarnieri reports that his company's eagerly awaited new release, The Hobbit, now is on the production line. In his holiday message to the company's distributors, customers and well-wishers, Guarnieri announced that the company is hard at work building subassemblies, playfields, cabinets and full games.

"The plan is to build a number of games for further extensive testing, and then go into full production in January," Guarnieri said. "Our suppliers have been working very hard to get us all the parts we need."

Like all JJP games, The Hobbit is "loaded with fun, mechanical action and new technology that keeps players coming back for more," Guarnieri said.

Jersey Jack Pinball also has formed an agreement with a financing company, Paramount Financial Services (Scottsdale, AZ), to facilitate getting JJP games into more locations and home gamerooms.

Also just in time for the new year, JJP's Pindemption system for its popular Wizard of Oz game is now available for order. Pindemption enables Wizard of Oz owners to adapt the game for redemption play with virtual swipe card or physical ticket dispensing. It features different play styles -- time-based rather than ball-based -- and a much less complicated rule set. Pindemption actually can deliver the tickets won by the player, not just the points earned. It's implemented with a $199 dongle, and a "ticket topper" illuminated header can be mounted to the game to call attention to the redemption feature. Both are available online from


Jersey Jack Pinball Offers Three Redemption Play Modes For Wizard Of Oz

Jersey Jack Pinball, The Hobbit Pinball, pinball machine, coin-op news