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January 2013's Spotlight: What's new for Bulk Vending, Cranes, Amusement Merchandisers and Redemption Counters

Posted On: 1/7/2013

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Bok Choy Boys, Series 3 | Coin Banks | DGATM Art Stickers Series 1 | iPhone Additions | Small-Value Plush Kit |
New items featured in Vending Times' January 2013 issue. Look for "Spotlight on Prizes & Bulk Vending" in every issue for profiles latest capsuled toys, flat vendables (stickers and tattoos), plush and high-end prizes. For consideration, contact April Symmes at

Bulk Vending & Amusement Companies

A&A Global Industries
HMS Monaco
Redemption Plus
Toy Network

Brands Represented

Bok Choy Boys, Series 3
Coin Banks
DGATM Art Stickers Series 1
iPhone Additions
Small-Value Plush Kit

Bulk / Amusement Vending Formats

1.1" and 2" capsules
Bulk vending
Flat vending
Merchandisers and redemption

Bok Choy Boys, Series 3

Description: 12 Third series features colorful "elemental" figurines in a 12-ct. collection. Each BCB has a symbol and corresponding element to increase collectability. 2-sided blister display.
Format: Bulk vending, 1.1" and 2" capsules; two-sided blister display available
Supplier: A&A Global Industries

Coin Banks

Description: New coin banks are available in the forms of a bomb, grenade, and blue and one-eyed monsters (18 pieces, $4.95 ea.). Also new: Large 10" skull banks (2-pieces, $16.70 ea.).
Format: Merchandisers and redemption
Supplier: Toy Network

DGATM Art Stickers Series 1

Description: One dozen black and white stickers from Homies creator David Gonzales are West Coast inspired with expert shading, sugar skull designs and red rose details. Stickers target older audience.
Format: Flat vending (folders in 300-ct box)
Supplier: A&A Global Industries

iPhone Additions

Description: Cases (models 4 and 5), car chargers, 4-in-1 laser stylus pens and texting gloves are among the available products at discounted prices to operators. Available in bulk or in kits for prize machines or cranes.
Format: Cranes, merchandisers and redemption
Supplier: HMS Monaco

Small-Value Plush Kit

Description: Bright colored and stylish assortment of 6" to 9" plush ships in a 100-piece case. Pallet pricing is available.
Format: Cranes and redemption
Supplier: Redemption Plus