Janet Conti Offers Ice Coffee And Tea Tips On Louisville Morning TV Show

Posted On: 8/21/2013

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LOUISVILLE, KY -- Janet Conti of john conti Coffee Co.'s appeared on a recent television program here to offer hints and recipes for preparing iced tea, coffee and chilled beverages. The Great Day Live! morning show, which is cohosted by Rachel Platt and Terry Meiners, is a regular feature on WHAS-TV (Channel 11), an ABC affiliate.

Conti described the best ways to convert hot coffee or tea into a summer iced drink, and suggested some easy enhancements like flavoring iced tea with half a packet of Crystal Light On-The-Go from Kraft before chilling it. Similarly, single-serve packets of flavored coffee creaming agents can be added to hot coffee before chilling it, to prepare specialties like frosted vanilla or peppermint mocha. Along the same lines, hot coffee may be poured into instant hot cocoa, stirred and chilled. In both cases, the beverage should be shaken vigorously after the ice cubes are added.

Conti also suggested that viewers who brew more coffee than they can consume while it's still fresh and freeze the excess in an ice cube tray. The resulting "coffee cubes" then may be used to chill fresh coffee without diluting it -- or crushed in a blender, with anything from vanilla ice cream and Hershey chocolate syrup to fudge topping, to make a smoothie-like coffee drink.

Janet Conti, john conti Coffee Co.

PHOTO: Janet Conti of john conti Coffee Co. offers general tips for easy preparation of tasty chilled tea and coffee beverages to WHAS-11 "Great Day Live" host Rachel Platt. Here, she uses a blender to whip up "Terry and Rachel's Rockin' Conteani," made with premium john conti ConTea and shaved ice.

The john conti executive provided expert advice on iced tea preparation, emphasizing the importance of adding ice to the brewed hot tea, rather than pouring the tea over the ice ("cold into hot"). Doing this the wrong way around makes the iced tea cloudy, she warned.

A highlight of the demonstration was Conti's scratch preparation of "Terry and Rachel's Rockin' Conteani," again using the blender to shave ice cubes. The specialty drink is concocted with iced tea (john conti Coffee Co.'s Contea, by preference), which may be sweetened or unsweetened. To this is added raspberry sparkling soda (or, in extreme cases, raspberry vodka), cranberry juice and raspberries for garnish.

The coffee company's founder, John Conti, is a pioneering coffee service and gourmet coffee shop operator whose flair for public relations was legendary during the formative years of the National Coffee Service Association.

The Janet Conti segment of the WHAS broadcast, dated Aug. 6, may be viewed at the station's website at whas11.com/great-day-live/recipes-tips-more.