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IT Introduces Target Toss Pro Videogame Line

Posted On: 6/15/2007

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ARLINGTON HEIGHTS, IL -- Incredible Technologies is introducing a videogame series focusing on games that involve the tossing of objects. Target Toss Pro: Bags, the first title in the new Target Toss Pro series, is based on the beanbag toss, a popular game played around the country at picnics, tailgate parties and bars.

Offering a fresh twist on the classic game, played with wooden boxes in open spaces, IT's videogame adaptation features a new scoring strategy that increases rewards for making a "swish" instead of a conventional "hole shot." Also unique to the videogame are wind factors, which increase the challenge in later rounds.

Not unlike IT's Golden Tee LIVE and Silver Strike Bowler's Club, the new target toss-style game is trackball-controlled and programmed to recreate the same challenge, competitive feel and enjoyment as the real thing. And for the first time in on-premise videogame entertainment, according to IT, players can set up their own onsite tournaments hosting up to 16.

Bags consists of three different virtual environments in which games randomly take place: a summer day in Chicago's Grant Park, a tailgate party before the big game at Shane Stadium and a sunny afternoon on the beach at Parrot's Cove. Before a bag is thrown, a shot indicator shows players which "shot type" and "shot angle" are active; varying degrees of shot angles and different shot types -- flop, slide or bounce -- provide players with a wide range of options for competitive play.

IT reports that Target Toss Pro: Bags' scoring system is based on traditional rules from the real game, along with several enhancements that lend themselves to videogame play. The player's objective is to accumulate points by throwing bags onto the box or into the hole. Five points -- a scoring feature only in the videogame -- is scored when a bag goes into the hole without touching anything, known in beanbag country as a "swish" or the "perfect five." Players score three points for each bag that goes into the hole that's not a swish and one point for a bag that lands and stays on the platform. A point is deducted, however, if a bag residing on the platform is knocked off.

In a traditional beanbag match, play is broken down into innings and the goal is to reach a score of 21. Since the number of innings in a real contest can be unlimited, IT needed to tweak the rules for coin-op play. In the Bags videogame, the highest score in six innings wins the match.

The new videogame offers more than a half dozen game modes that can entertain one to 16 patrons at once. There are four standard modes for one, two, three or four players and three tournament modes for four, eight or 16 participants. Leaderboards posting weekly high scores, top baggers and hole shot masters, along with players' initials displayed on their shirts, add excitement to casual tournaments.

Beanbag toss games are called many things, depending on which part of the country they are played. Corn Toss, Tailgate Toss, Soft Horseshoes and Indiana Horseshoes are among the many designations, but in Kentucky and the southern part of Ohio, the game is passionately referred to as Cornhole. According to Illinois-based videogame company, the game originated in the Midwest in the 1980s and has become a staple outdoor activity at social events from coast to coast. (Some historians of the backyard sport trace the game's origin to 14th-century Germany and its rediscovery in the hills of Kentucky more than 100 years ago.)

Incredible Technologies Inc., the largest manufacturer of coin-operated videogames int the U.S. and a pioneer in online tournaments, is now shipping Target Toss Pro: Bags in dedicated units or as conversion kits.