ICE Unveils Arcade Implementation Of 1980s Waterfuls Home Game

Posted On: 11/5/2018

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  ICE WATERFULS: New arcade implementation of popular 1980s game invites players to toss holographic rings through virtual fluid medium and land them on physical pegs.
CLARENCE, NY -- New from Innovative Concepts in Entertainment is Waterfuls, a game fondly remembered from the 1980s and now available as a life-sized arcade piece.

ICE reports that it developed the new skill redemption game with novel technology that simulates the feel of the water used in the original consumer game. Players press a button to project rings, hopefully dropping them onto pegs despite the fluid resistance. Each successful toss either awards the player additional time, extra  rings or more bonus points. The rings are virtual; the target pegs are material. Together, they create an attractive three-dimensional playfield.

A variety of bonus-point opportunities add to the repeat-play appeal of the game. The first involves certain rings that are inscribed with letters. When one of these "letter" rings is successfully landed, the player is one step closer to completing the word W-A-T-E-R-F-U-L-S. Attaining this progressive-bonus qualification causes a surprise celebration show to break out, adding to the excitement and encouraging onlookers to get in on the action.

The second bonus that players attempt to snag is based on the current "points" high score. A player who exceeds that value wins a big bonus of tickets. Taken together, the two bonus features "hook" players to the game, according to the manufacturer.

ICE's Waterfuls makes use of holographic technology, on which a patent is pending, to display the virtual video rings interacting with the backlit physical pegs. The three-dimensional visual effect is said to enhance the appeal of the game, which has been engineered to be easy to learn but tough to master. That attribute provides casual players with a rewarding experience while inviting them to come back for more.

"Waterfuls has been out on test now for over six months and the results have been excellent," said ICE sales vice-president Joe Coppola. "The data we've collected shows a high level of repeat play, and the feedback from the player base has been very strong. No doubt players feel they get better as they play more, and we've seen first-hand that it's a game the whole family enjoys."

Waterfuls has attracted attention across the coin-op industry, including a feature article in Arcade Heros and a YouTube video narrated by MATT3756. Apparently a fan of the original home game, the well-known YouTuber hailed the ICE implementation as "just like the real thing."