Handheld Vending Machine Kit Demos PayRange Mobile Payments

Posted On: 4/10/2017

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TAGS: vending, mobile payments, PayRange Inc., PayRange Handheld Vending Machine, BluKey demo, Paresh Patel

PayRange, vending, mobile payments demo kit

PORTLAND, OR -- Confucius said, "Example is better than precept." The philosopher's advice is not lost on PayRange Inc., which has created a portable kit that allows operators to demonstrate, in a simulated vending machine environment, how its mobile payment app works.

The kit, called the Handheld Vending Machine, includes a small 4"x6" plastic box with a vending machine image on the cover and a hinged door. Not unlike a real vending machine, the door opens, revealing PayRange's BluKey, the Bluetooth wireless device that goes inside the machine to enable mobile payments. For demo purposes and portability, a 9V battery powers the BluKey.

Operators or their sales reps can use the kit during customer or prospecting visits to demonstrate mobile payments, promotions support and coupon codes, among other PayRange features. Demos begin with a machine image populated in the app; generic offers are already turned on to show how they look and work. The kit also has a vending machine connector for situations in which operators wish to show the installation process on a real machine, a procedure that's said to require only few seconds.

PayRange will be selling the kits at next week's OneShow in Las Vegas for $25 -- exclusively to operators already using the technology.

"If a picture is worth a thousand words, experiencing something is a million words," said PayRange founder and chief executive Paresh Patel. "Operators have asked us for a way to allow their customers to experience the solution without the need to haul in a vending machine to the presentation. This demo kit is the answer to that."