Graphics That Pop Updates Ultra-Lite Micromarket Design For Tool-Free Assembly

Posted On: 6/6/2017

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LEWISVILLE, TX -- Graphics That Pop chief executive Robert Liva has announced the formal introduction of the company's latest Ultra-Lite modular micromarket. The pin assembly design permits the swift installation of a micromarket without tools.

Featuring the same Banova balsa plywood construction as the present Ultra-Lite style, the new design makes use of mating hinge leaves preinstalled on the side and back panels. To assemble the structure, the installer simply raises the panels vertically and drops supplied 20" pins through the barrels of the hinges to connect the side panels to the back. Headers and horizontal counters are secured by the same arrangement, using pins of the appropriate length.

This is an even faster alternative to the system used on the present Ultra-Lite micromarket, which permits assembly by using only a nut driver or socket wrench to connect predrilled vertical panels that come complete with integral countersunk T-nuts epoxied in place.

Graphics That Pop Ultra-Lite micromarkets
CONVENIENCE: Graphics That Pop Ultra-Lite micromarkets' modular design makes them easy to ship (l.), and brand-new hinge-and-pin tool-less fastening system makes them easy to assemble on location.

The newest style retains the unique architecture of GTP's Ultra-Lite micromarket, including the 3/4" Banova panels. These are formed with multiple balsa wood cores, ABS plastic linings, and high-pressure laminate or graphics surface treatments. Each panel weighs about 40 lbs.

Product shelves are a full 18" deep, formed of durable black powder-coat-finished wire for long life and easy cleaning. Shelves also are offered in wood or clear acrylic. Product dividers keep selections organized, helping to maintain attractive displays. The shelves are "stair-stepped" to optimize the illumination of the display.

The GTP chief explained that a complete micromarket can be shipped on a single pallet and can be assembled right out of the box. Moreover, the durability of the components and ease of expanding, reconfiguring or relocating the micromarket assures long service life.

"When investing in a micromarket, it's important to ask yourself 'how long will this last? How easy is it to modify? If something breaks, can it be repaired?" Liva said. "We have addressed and developed for every one of those issues, and more."

GTP's Ultra-Lite micromarkets can be expanded or contracted whenever necessary to accommodate changing locations or new customer needs. The modular engineering and universal components make market additions painless, Liva added. Every panel and part can be replaced, and graphics can be changed in a matter of minutes. The system is easy to break down for transport or disassemble for maintenance.

A major advantage to the Banova panels' balsa core is that it does not swell when it's wet, which can be a problem with particle board exposed to routine floor-mopping. The ABS plastic lining provides additional protection, and adding easily repositionable vinyl graphic wrapping not only increases merchandising appeal, but also offers a third layer of surface protection. "The GTP system will last for decades," Liva asserted.

Each GTP micromarket is assembled to the operator's specifications. The company creates the necessary graphics, and can work with graphics supplied by the operator, often on behalf of a location. The operator specifies the amount of space the micromarket will occupy, the size and number of reach-in coolers and similar merchandisers that will be installed, along with the number of shelves, counters and cabinets required.

GTP can ship a completed market within two weeks, but Liva reported that the turnaround time usually is less than that. The quick-assembly design permits the modules to be shipped flat.

In addition to its micromarket kits, Graphics That Pop offers a wide range of vending machine restyling and area treatment products and services in its Tuffronts line. Some products are useful in vending and micromarket locations, such as the popular alignment and stabilization hardware developed to keep banked vending equipment properly spaced and oriented.

A video showing the quick construction of an Easy Pin-Assembled Ultra-Lite micromarket can be viewed at or right here.