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GPS-Based Locating System Takes Key Control To New Level

Posted On: 4/27/2010

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WAKE FOREST, NC -- Loss-prevention specialist Mark Manney has formed an alliance with Fastracs, an asset tracking system provider based in Los Angeles, and lock maker Camlock to create a high-tech solution that takes key control to a higher level.

The system tracks and controls keys through Fastracs' GPS technology secured by a Camlock locking keyring. It will debut at the NAMA OneShow in booth No. 2237. Fastracs (Fleet and Asset Tracking Systems), formerly Dotmobil, is a leader in the development of "autolocation" tools for vehicles and portable assets.

Manney, founder and chief executive of Loss Prevention Results here, pointed out that the industry is making increased use of GPS on route trucks to keep track of the vehicles' whereabouts, but until now, operators have had no way of knowing where employees with keys are after they leave their vehicles. LPR

The new key-security system ties into the in-vehicle GPS, enabling the operator to know exactly who has which keys, onto which keyring they are locked, and where they are and have been. It also provides a "hard" trail of evidence of unauthorized key use to expedite investigation if a theft occurs.

Portable GPS-equipped locking keyrings are linked wirelessly to Fastracs' "Corebox" GPS unit, which is installed in the route vehicle. The Corebox also serves as a standalone automatic vehicle location system.

Attached to the driver's keys via a Camlock keyring with secure cable lock is Fastracs's compact Peripheral Asset Link (Pal) box, a cylinder measuring 1" thick and 2.5" long.

The Corebox tracks the vehicle and the keys, in real time, when they are inside it, and provides full fleet management service benefits via the Internet. When the keyring leaves the vehicle, the Palbox maintains a secure wireless connection to the Corebox when the keyring module remains in fairly close proximity (200 ft. to 300 ft.).

When the keys move farther away from the truck, the Palbox autonomously continues to record their movement by date, time and location, while the Corebox continues to track the vehicle. When the keyring is back in range, the recorded Palbox data automatically uploads to the Corebox, and is transmitted to a secure server over the Internet for the operator to access.LPR

If the cable lock is opened or the Palbox reaches a low level of charge, an email alert is automatically sent to the operator.

A rechargeable battery powers the Palbox. It typically can run for up to six days following a complete charging cycle, which only requires two hours when placed on its induction-charging pad. The pad may be kept in the vehicle, or at the driver's home or the office.