Gimme Vending Unveils Autodrive Inventory Automation Software

Posted On: 1/16/2019

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ATLANTA -- Gimme Vending has introduced a program designed to automate inventory management for vending and micromarket operators. Called AutoDrive, the new software is designed to transform the way in which companies service their locations.

Autodrive automatically identifies products and their placement as well as inventory levels, making use of computer vision verified by humans. According to the developer, this can eliminate errors and reduce effort on the part of warehouse staff and route drivers. Drivers freed from the task of tracking products can devote full time to enhancing customer experiences.

Using AutoDrive involves only two steps. First, the point of sale is filled with the desired number and assortment of products. Second, the Gimme field app with AutoDrive is used to record every product. Video is then sent from the device to the Gimme Cloud for processing and a human review for accuracy. The correct inventory count is delivered by the end of the driver's day.

"For 'stacker' drink machines or boxes of candy, some assumptions will be made," Gimme added. "If the camera can't see the products, it can't track them."

According to Gimme Vending, benefits of AutoDrive include perfect planograms and perfect inventories, automatically, every time -- a full inventory on each visit.

The software automatically identifies and counts products without field personnel spending time counting them. This also provides unmatched audit capabilities, with stored photographic records from every visit.

Moreover, AutoDrive is an add-on to Gimme's present Markets and Vending apps, so field personnel need not download it or switch over to it before use.

Gimme Vending was founded for the purpose of making "unattended retail" a reality. The company builds award-winning mobility and tracking tools to manage unmanned retail locations, like vending machines and micromarkets, helping its operator customers to increase their productivity and profitability. Gimme's a patented plug-and-play solution is designed to deliver valuable data, like purchasing patterns, and to provide operators with better cash accountability, inventory tracking, and machine status data. This results in fewer stockouts, faster warehousing and restocking, and streamlined product planning.

Gimme's Vending and Market apps run on Apple iOS-powered mobile devices.