Generation Next And D&K Engineering Have An Accord For Fro-Yo Vending Machine

Posted On: 6/12/2017

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SAN DIEGO -- Generation Next Franchise Brands said it has appointed San Diego-based D&K Engineering the exclusive contract manufacturer for its Reis & Irvy's frozen yogurt vending machine and other robotic retailing concepts. Last year, Generation Next partnered with San Antonio, TX-based Lancer Corp. to begin the initial redevelopment and finalization of its Reis & Irvy's prototypes.

D&K is expected to apply its design and manufacturing expertise to ensure that Generation Next's fro-yo machines meet regulatory standards, facilitate service and maintenance, and operate on a network. The machines will incorporate an intuitive user interface, inclusive payment systems and data security systems.

D&K Engineering specializes in manufacturing specialty machines and kiosks. Its clients include ecoATM-Gazelle, minuteKEY and Vengo. It's also designed and manufactured medical and life science, printing and microfluidics consumer, industrial and commercial products.

"The core identity of D&K is obsessed with overcoming challenging technical issues and delivering robust, lasting business solutions," said Generation Next chairman Nick Yates. He added that D&K's proximity to Generation Next's San Diego headquarters will allow the company to invite stakeholders to combine visits to both facilities in the same trip.

D&K Engineering also has plants in Singapore and Malaysia that offer a top-tier global supply chain, complementary alliances and partners to assist Generation Next's recently launched international license and distribution program.

"Having the ability to manufacture and ship equipment from Asia, as we begin entering into agreements with partners around the globe offers us a more cost-efficient approach to global expansion," Yates said. "We have plans to teach partners around the world how to replicate our model and support them across all levels of operations, sales and marketing."