Gemsboks Populate Big Buck Hunter's Newest Trek; Twitch Documentary Follows Videogame Huntswoman

Posted On: 4/6/2017

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Big Buck HD Wild, Big Buck Gemsbok GLEN ELLYN, IL -- In 2015, Big Buck HD Wild got a refresh with Irish Elk and the "In Case of Zombies: Doe of the Dead" bonus. In 2016, the Bighorn Sheep trek challenged virtual hunters around the world with new content. On April 4, the Gemsbok adventure was officially added to the popular arcade and bar videogame.

The 2017 update meticulously recreates the gemsbok, or gemsbuck, a large, light brown antelope in the Oryx genus. The gemsbok is known for its spectacular horns that average 33" in length. It is native to the arid regions of southern Africa, like the Kalahari Desert, and now it roams the virtual wilderness of Big Buck HD.

Big Buck HD is part of the Big Buck Hunter arcade videogame series, introduced in 2000. It was created by Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix, studios founded, respectively, by design legends Eugene Jarvis and George Petro. The HD line, introduced in 2012, was the first arcade video system to offer 1080p graphics.

The Gemsbok update has already been installed in BBHD videogame cabinets that are online. Any vendors who operate Big Buck HD games offline are encouraged to call Play Mechanix at (866) 646-1975 to access the new content, which also includes two new bonus rounds (Minecart and Pirate Ship).

Separately, live-streaming website Twitch has released a trailer of a documentary about competitive Big Buck Hunter play. "Ironsights," the channel's first in-house mini-documentary (22 minutes), debuts on April 7.

Twitch reportedly attracts more than 100 million users a month, and wants to produce documentaries like "Ironsights" for its growing community. "There are a lot of amazing stories to tell about the Twitch community, which rarely get the attention they deserve," said Marcus "djWHEAT" Graham, director of Twitch Studios.

"Ironsights" follows Wisconsin's Sara Erlandson, 22, as she travels to Austin, TX, to compete in the Big Buck World Championship.