Gallery Partners With eTuk USA To Reshape Mobile Food And Beverage Industry

Posted On: 12/15/2017

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DENVER – Gallery, a manufacturer of mobile carts for food, beverage and retail businesses, has partnered with eTuk USA, the exclusive U.S. manufacturer of 100% electric Tuk Tuk three-wheel vehicles used for "green" transportation, advertising, and tours.

Gallery will design Tuk Tuks that allow operators to deliver food and beverages on the go, or to set up a mobile food stand.

Gallery and eTuk USA, both based in Denver, through their partnership will equip their customers with Tuk Tuks bring to music venues and festivals, university campuses, airports and sports stadiums across the country. The designs will be customized to help food and beverage businesses reach more people in more locations. The mobile pop-ups can be used in areas that were traditionally considered too hard to access. eTuks have been popping up in airports and stadiums and even large elevators, like those found on aircraft carriers.

"eTuk has revolutionized 'green' urban transportation, but it's becoming clear that today's event-goers, urban dwellers and students want food and beverage choices to go along the road too," said eTuk USA cofounder and director of sales and marketing Michael Fox.  

Gallery has reportedly produced more than 30,000 carts for 5,000-plus venues in 50 states over the past three decades. The family-run business originally started when the Gallery family began selling hotdogs from a cart in Denver. Today, the company designs, manufacturers and installs carts and kiosks for food, beverage and retail businesses in venues including NFL stadiums, hospitals, hotels, universities and colleges and convention centers.