Flix On Stix Creators Form New Company, Plan Slimline' Vending Machine Debut At OneShow

Posted On: 2/23/2017

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The Venders, L'Oreal vending machine LOS ANGELES -- The duo that created the Flix on Stix movie-rental system is rolling out a versatile vending machine line through their new company, The Venders. Founders Bryan Ross and Robert Bienias have developed a small-footprint vending machine to allow retailers and brand owners to sell products in high-traffic areas where space is at a premium. The Venders is pushing airports, convenience stores, gas stations, hotels and special event locations as prime real estate.

Machines in The Venders' new Slimline series can mount to a wall or on a stand. The line has four models equipped with high-definition screens for running ads and attractions.

Ross and Bienias's Flix on Stix machine does what the name suggests. Patrons insert a USB stick or SD card into a machine and pick a movie, game or TV show. The "flick" is then transferred to the "stick," which can be enjoyed at home. They also created the Faith Media Center, an app-based software program designed to connect millions of people and allow purchases of products, with proceeds benefiting the consumer's charity of choice.

The duo has also designed vending systems over the past 10 years for PepsiCo, Toyota, Farmers Fridge, IBM and the Chemistry Council of America, as well as Ogilvy & Mather, Spinifex, Blint Shakes, the Kardashians and Wrigley's.

"We are using our expertise in software, app development and kiosk design to create a new generation of automating retailing and vending systems that are unlike anything else on the market," Ross said.

The company will unveil its latest products at the National Automatic Merchandising Association's OneShow in April.

The Venders reportedly already struck deals with companies that maker and market portable cellphone battery charges, footwear and earbuds.