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Fastcorp Begins Assembling International Distribution Network

Posted On: 12/16/2010

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DANBURY, CT -- Fastcorp LLC reports that it is seeking out distributors around the world to expand sales and operation of its Evolution frozen vending machines, and new non-frozen venders incorporating Fastcorp's flexible, efficient vacuum robotic product delivery technology.

Fastcorp president Todd Piatnik explained that the Evolution model made its international debut at the Venditalia show in May, and international availability began in August. The industry response has been very positive, he reported. As a result, Fastcorp now is sourcing distributors, technical importers and service providers to meet the demand.

Fastcorp's Evolution frozen-product vender represents the fourth generation of the original vacuum-robotic design. This holds the merchandise in a base-mounted freezer chest, arranged in vertical stacks. When a vend is initiated, the machine's controller activates a robotic mechanism that raises the chest's lid and guides a vacuum pickup along top-mounted rails to the X and Y coordinates of the desired stack. The pickup descends, lifts the item from atop the stack and transports it to the delivery bin. The chest lid then closes. By confining the need for refrigeration to the chest, and holding product in closely spaced stacks, this system maximizes refrigeration efficiency, while minimizing collateral damage if the location's power fails.

Piatnik noted that the advantage of this biaxial product selection approach extends well beyond frozen machines. "The vacuum robotic technology will revolutionize the vending industry because of its ability to deliver a much wider variety of product," he predicted. "Because of the design simplicity, it is also much more efficient and reliable."

Fastcorp has launched its first single-cup coffee machine system, Piatnik added. "We expect the demand and growth with these new opportunities, both frozen and non-frozen, to be substantial." It is therefore important for the company to find strong distributor partners around the world.