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Fastcorp Applies Vacuum Robotic Vend Concept To Nonfrozen Items, Begins Refurb Sales

Posted On: 10/13/2010

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DANBURY, CT -- Fastcorp LLC has announced plans to apply the novel vacuum robotic vending delivery system that it developed for its popular frozen-product venders to a much wider range of machines.

Introduced a decade and a half ago, the Fastcorp machine holds product in simple vertical stacks arranged in a chest at the bottom of the cabinet. The vacuum pickup device moves on two perpendicular horizontal axes, and the controller moves it to the X and Y coordinates of the stack holding the desired selection. The pickup descends, secures the item and carries it to the delivery bin.

All production models to date have vended frozen products from stacks loaded into a freezer chest, with a robotic actuator that opens the lid for product retrieval.

"Fastcorp has spent the last few years completely redesigning and improving its vacuum robotic frozen vending machine," said company president Todd Piatnik. "Just about everything on this machine is new, including the robotics and electronics." The result, he said, is a significantly more reliable and energy-efficient machine. "Now we are able to build on this technology and leverage the simplicity, efficiency and flexibility for all traditional categories of vending," Piatnik reported. These can include snacks, cold beverages, packaged coffee and other nonfrozen products.

Founded in 1990 as Food Automation Systems Technology Corp., Fastcorp played a leading role in the revitalization of the U.S. ice cream vending market. Fastcorp LLC was formed by the acquisition of Fastcorp Inc. five years ago Read the full story..

Piatnik explained that the company recently reached an agreement allowing it to expand beyond the frozen category, and develop all types of vending application.

According to the company, it has been approached by several consumer packaged goods companies and is developing several nonfrozen machine types. Fastcorp expects this evolution to be a major international growth platform.

Fastcorp Offers Refurb Z-400s

Fastcorp, Z-400 Fastcorp LLC reports that it is readying a number of factory-refurbished Z-400 frozen vending machines available for sale.

Business development manager Jason Ramage explained that the company has acquired a limited quantity of used Z-400s that will be reconditioned by Fastcorp technicians at the Danbury, CT, manufacturing facility. The thorough refurbishing process will include coin mechs and bill validators, and the machine will be certified and covered by a limited warranty.

"While the Z-400 model was replaced with the new Evolution frozen vendor last year, these machines are a great value for operators who are looking for a low-cost alternative in a frozen vending machine," Ramage said.

He can be contacted by calling (203) 653-6179.