Entermission Debuts VR Escape Room System At San Antonio Show

Posted On: 8/15/2019

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SAN ANTONIO, TX -- Entermission launched its virtual reality system for physical escape rooms at TransWorld's Room Escape Show and Conference from Aug. 6 to 8 in the Henry B. González Convention Center here. The system is described as the first virtual reality attraction designed by an escape room owner for escape room operators.

Entermission founder Christal Ho has a wealth of escape room and VR experience. She has owned and operated Escape Hunt's Australia and New Zealand master franchise since 2014. Escape Hunt is the largest escape room business in the world. Entermission represents the culmination of her extensive experience, streamlined into a package for escape room owners.

"Lots of VR escape games have been created by VR fanatics and videogame companies, but none have addressed the primary problems that escape room operators struggle with," she explained "With Entermission we have unlocked an affordable, profitable, easy-to-operate solution to expensive buildouts that create months of downtime, wasted labor resetting rooms after every game, and large spaces dedicated to only a single game."

While other VR escape rooms require 400 sq.ft. for four players, Entermission's novel Mission Module rooms fit six players in 170 sq.ft. With 50% higher capacity in less than half the physical space of other VR escape games, Entermission is said to be the most profitable virtual reality attraction available today for escape room owners. Ho's Virtual Reality Rooms, which she founded in 2017 in Sydney as Australia's first virtual reality escape game center, has six rooms, each delivering experiences to as many as six players for a total 36-player capacity

Most VR escape rooms send players into isolated rooms by themselves. With Entermission, six people play together in the same room. When they reach out to "high-five" their friends in VR, they actually touch hands. They can take pictures of their friends playing for social sharing. And, as with the shared experience of a movie theater, they can hear the gasps, shrieks and screams of their friends as they react to multisensory experiences.

Entermission reports that research firm Greenlight Insights found 77% of people who have tried virtual reality said they want more social experiences. Entermission is designed to give guests the social VR experiences they crave.

The key component of Entermission's efficiency and consumer experience is its novel Mission Module. This is a high-end VR gaming chair that can be arranged in optimal configurations for the site. Each Mission Module incorporates HTC Vive Pro headsets for high-resolution graphics; "Leap Motion" hand tracking for immersive puzzle-solving and in-game flight; "Buttkicker" low-frequency effects haptics integrated into the seat to create vibrations and add intense realism; striking LED; accent lighting to draw attention and build guest anticipation; and a server-grade VR controller with Intel Core i7-8700 CPU and Nvidia RTX graphics card for smooth high-resolution graphics.

Each room with six Mission Modules also features environmental effects designed to create deep player immersion. Wind, heat and scent generators are programed to synchronize with the most dramatic moments in the experience to create an unmatched sense of reality.

Entermission provides social VR adventures designed to appeal to a wider audience than is traditional for escape rooms. From kids (8+) to grownups, the games present challenging, collaborative puzzles and action to thrill players of all types. According to the manufacturer, it's ideal for fun with friends and family or unique teambuilding with squads of coworkers. For more than 18 months, Entermission adventures have been running at a location in Sydney, Australia with almost exclusively five-star reviews.

Entermission launches with two widely appealing games: Space Heroes and Mad Mind. The first invites guests to explore a sabotaged space station with their friends, experiencing zero-gravity flight, shooting lasers, fighting against hostile robots and using telekinetic powers, all while collaboratively solving puzzles and working to save Earth.

Mad Mind organizes players into, a team of detectives from the future sent deep into the memories of a maniac to investigate the mysterious kidnapping of a child. They must work together to solve "diabolical and dangerous: puzzles in order to uncover the secrets held in the mind of a madman."

New Entermission adventures are in development, including experiences and games based on popular movies and TV shows.