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Digital Centres Offers Photobooth QR Software Upgrade

Posted On: 3/28/2013

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Digital Centres, Photo Booth MIAMI -- Digital Centres is offering a comprehensive update for its existing photobooths that will enable operators to add QR and identity-protection technology. The new hardware cost to support the latest technology is $1,995. Through April 15, the price is only $995. (The software is free.) Components for the update include a touchscreen monitor, 10-megapixel camera and HP computer.

The update adds three major features -- QR-Photo, QR-ID and Share Secure -- to legacy DC photobooths. Digital Centre's U.S. division demonstrated its photo vending technology at the Amusement Expo in Las Vegas, where it showed off an updated 2005 model New Generation machine (see photo at right).

DC chief executive Josep Tarres said the update package will allow his company to license its technology to other photobooth manufacturers. It also can be employed by photobooth rental operators who build their own cabinets.

That technology adds Quick Response to prints made by one of DC's photobooths. The optically scanned codes enable customers to identify themselves to a DC photobooth and store their access data securely in their smartphones for use in identifying themselves to the network server.

This capability has allowed the implementation of some valuable features and services, Tarres said. The QR functionality is added to existing DC photobooths by installing the latest version of the Expression software. Tarres reported that the whole process involves only three steps and takes about two hours.

QR-ID provides an exclusive, personal code that's stored in the user's smartphone, along with a password. Simply scanning it at any Digital Centre photobooth gives the patron access to a variety of useful services. For example, this action brings up a display of all the photos the user has made and printed at DC photobooths, available for printing if the original print has been lost or additional copies are desired. This takes place without requiring the patron to enter any personal information at all, which allows these transactions to be made securely and privately.

QR-Photo is a feature that imprints a unique QR code on each print turned out by a DC photobooth. The patron can scan this code with his or her smartphone at any time to access that print's original digital image, and email or otherwise share it online -- again, without the need to enter personal information.

Similarly, Share Secure enhances the convenience and security with which a picture taken at a Digital Centre photobooth can be shared. The service is able to link the customer's smartphone to the photobooth so the phone can be used to share the image, via email or on social networking sites.

The focus on Internet privacy and security is a must for Digital Centre, Tarres emphasized. "We love innovation and technology, and that is why we have fun working on new products," he explained. "But as far as we go with technology, we should go the same distance or more with regard to users' security of their private photos and data."

Founded in 1997, Digital Centre now maintains facilities in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain), and in Miami. It exports to 45 countries around the world. The company maintains a website at www.digital-centre.com.


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