Digital Centre Wraps Photobooths In LEDs To Enhance Fun And Profit

by Hank Schlesinger & Nick Montano
Posted On: 3/8/2017

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MIAMI -- Light-emitting diode illumination has become an effective design addition to vending and amusement equipment. This has not been lost on photobooth innovator Digital Centre, which has introduced three automatic picture vending machines that feature striking LED graphics.

The new Ledrix, Eclipse and Nexus Strip all boast full LED exterior lighting displays. The lineup, which the company is promoting as "The LED Revolution," allows operators to program the exterior LED skins in a manner similar to that used to create video screen displays of still and moving images with text.

Digital Centre's new LED photobooths were introduced in November at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, FL. They will be on display at this month's Amusement Expo International (booth No. 1,000) in Dallas (March 15-16).

Digital Centre, photo booth, LED Photobooth Revolution

"The idea came to me four years ago when I was walking in Times Square in New York," said Digital Centre president and founder Josep Tarres. "I saw the big LED screens wrapping the buildings, and I thought it would be good to do something like that. So New York's Times Square really inspired our LED photobooths."

The compact Ledrix features a matrix of LEDs on its exterior surfaces, with a camera embedded in the LED screen. The Nexus Strip is a variation of the company's popular Strip vertical photo kiosk; it folds up for easy transport. And the Eclipse offers an arched enclosure carrying the exterior LED display.

All three are fully programmable by the operator, allowing for text, images and video, as well as event, seasonal and holiday themes. Previews of photos and even videos of the customers can be shown on the booth's outer display; Tarres also called attention to the advertising potential of the highly visible, easily programmable exteriors. He pointed out that the displays can be used to announce location events and specials, and can generate an additional revenue stream by selling advertisements on an appealing medium for local businesses.

Each LED model offers customers the option of uploading their pictures to a variety of social media, including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. They also include Digital Centre's SmartPrint interface feature, which allows patrons to print images stored on their own portable devices (i.e. smartphones, tablets and laptops). And they are equipped with the company's proprietary QR-Photo software that allows patrons to access their photos whenever they wish, using a smartphone or other device to scan a quick-response code printed as the last frame of the photo strip.

The LED booths employ Mitsubishi's new D90 dye-sublimation printer, which reportedly offers faster processing speeds and so speeds up the vend cycle.

Digital Centre is headquartered in Spain, maintains a U.S. office (Digital Centre America Inc.) in Miami and is online at It can be reached at (305) 387-5005.