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Dec. 11, 2003: Coca-Cola's "Model Guidelines for School Beverage Partnerships"; Unilever Leverages USAT's "eSuds"

Posted On: 12/11/2003

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ATLANTA -- The Coca-Cola Co. has released "Model Guidelines for School Beverage Partnerships," designed to help school decision-makers respond to concerns regarding nutrition while continuing to raise critical resources for their schools. The guidelines, endorsed systemwide by Coca-Cola bottlers, state that Coca-Cola will respect the right of teachers, parents and school administrators to choose beverage selections; ensure carbonated soft drinks available to elementary school students during the day; offer a full array of juices, water and other beverages where carbonated beverages are sold; make its "Swerve" milk beverage available to all middle and high schools; and ensure that beverage pricing encourages choice. All of Coca-Cola's future promotional activities in schools will be connected to physical activity, academic achievement or positive youth development. As Coca-Cola places new vending equipment in schools, graphics will promote educational activities, physical fitness and non-carbonated beverage choices. Coca-Cola has also committed to providing a reliable and consistent level of resources for the length of its school partnerships, rather than one-time, up-front payments



MALVERN, PA -- Unilever, a global leader in home and personal care products, and USA Technologies, a pioneer in cashless payment technology, announced a five year, multi-million dollar strategic alliance that partners Unilever's 'all' laundry detergent with USAT's revolutionary "eSuds" online laundry system. Students activate "eSuds" from a control "hub" in the laundry room with the swipe of their student ID card and the system automatically injects a pre-measured amount of Unilever's 'all' laundry detergent and fabric softener. USAT's "eSuds" connects washing machines and dryers to the Internet, giving students the ability to go online to check machine availability, pay with their student ID and choose to receive an e-mail when their wash and dry cycles are complete. The system also gives laundry operators the ability to go online to monitor service conditions, usage and sales and utilize alternative payment methods.


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