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De Jong Duke Applies Long History To Modern Coffee Brewer Design

Posted On: 4/29/2011

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Siro and Virtu

TAYLOR, MI -- De Jong Duke showcased its line at the National Automatic Merchandising Association's OneShow in Chicago this week. The company is a leading manufacturer of hot beverage equipment for the office refreshment, foodservice and hospitality industries.

In the spotlight at OneShow was the Virtu and Siro Touch series, available in many configurations designed to address the diverse needs of today's decentralized, quality-conscious market.

Photo: De Jong Duke's Siro Touch (left) and new Virtu, equipped with programmable video display panels, have found favor in the U.S. market, the company reports. Siro Touch is an enhanced version of popular Siro design. Models shown are equipped for "bean2cup" single-cup grinding and brewing; other methods are available.

De Jong Duke was established in The Netherlands in 1897 by the great-grandfather of the current owners, a blacksmith in Alblasserdam. The company began coffee brewer production in 1958, in the dawn of the modern fresh-brew era, and subsequently established a manufacturing facility in the United States. Today, it maintains offices in Sliedrecht, South Holland, and a production plant in Michigan.

Maurits J.C. de Jong observed that the trend toward espresso-based beverages like cappuccino, caffé latte and cafe au lait has spurred widespread acceptance of his company's patented CoEx brewing mechanism. CoEx can brew conventional coffee at low pressure, and also can provide the high pressure (nine to 15 atmospheres) needed to prepare genuine espresso. This enables a single machine to deliver both regular and espresso coffees.

With some four decades of experience in the manufacture of brewers using paper-tape filtration, De Jong Duke now offers a range of configurations, including loose-grounds and "bean2cup" systems.

Among the most popular designs in the company's extensive line are the Virtu and the Siro Touch, both offered in a variety of styles to meet the diverse needs of operators in different kinds of location. Both models feature full-color display panels that can show pictures while in standby mode and while brewing, allowing the operator to inform patrons about the specific beans and their origins. The graphic displays also can present company news, information on other products and services available, location messages, advertising and more. The Siro Touch is based on the popular Siro line.

Other De Jong Duke lines include Essence, an espresso system with CoEx brewer and several milk and topping options, and Signature, a full-featured countertop machine. All are available with a range of options, including service bases that mate with the brewers to form a free-standing appliance.

The display controller can receive program material through a standard USB connector for easy updating by the user. The technology permits a machine to be connected to the Internet, and De Jong Duke plans to offer this capability in the near future. A networked machine will be able to display a wide range of material, including RSS (Real Simple Syndication) feeds.

The full-color touchscreens on the Virtu and Siro Touch, coupled with the company's open, flexible MoVeC ICEQ software, enable operators to inform consumers not only that the drink is being prepared, but also what they are about to enjoy.

The company also is devoting a great deal of attention to current client demand for sustainable technology and systems that reduce greenhouse gas emission and solid waste. For this reason, De Jong Duke has built energy-management controls into its present equipment line, allowing users to set the brewers to run on reduced power when circumstances permit.

Maurits de Jong

"We also look at the production of the machines, said Maurits de Jong. "If we can lower the impact on the environment by changing the way we do things, we'll look for a way to achieve this." The company also maintains complete information on materials use and equipment recyclability, he added, as well as details on the percentage of recycled materials used in new production; "our customers increasingly are being asked these things. We are constantly working on this to make sure our customers stay ahead of these developments."

The fourth-generation manufacturer observed that this close cooperation with customers is a company tradition. De Jong Duke works closely with experts, research institutes, coffee roasters and ingredient specialists to create optimal conditions and formulations to deliver quality beverages from its single-cup loose-grounds filter brew and bean2cup equipment.

Photo: Maurits de Jong is a fourth-generation principal of international coffee equipment manufacturer De Jong Duke.