Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters Expands Kegerator Vending Machine Reach Through Partnerships

Posted On: 9/12/2019

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ARLINGTON, VA -- Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters (CWJ) reports that its full-service kegged beverage program delivering nitro cold brew and other craft beverages on tap has undergone rapid growth, bolstered by its Kegerator Vending Machines (KVMs).

CWJ works directly with office buildings, residential property managers, fitness centers and universities, through indirect partnerships with companies of all sizes to provide better-for-you beverages to customers.

Monumental Markets (Beltsville, MD), South Block (Washington, DC), and Social Tables (Washington, DC) are among the companies that have partnered with Commonwealth Joe to offer employees, customers, tenants and members, respectively, a perk that fosters a positive work culture, intensifies a fitness experience, or furnishes a more inviting residential ambiance.

The Kegerator Vending Machines (photo below), created by Smart Beverage Technologies (Spring Valley, CA), leverage the latest advancements in telemetry and workflow automation to deliver beverages to CWJ's partners.

"We're grateful for our partnerships, they enable us to expand our service to verticals spanning many different industries," said Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters founder and chief executive Robert Peck. "These partnerships allow us to further develop our brand awareness by placing our products and services in front of more consumers where they crave craft beverages most, in spaces where they live, work and play. Using the latest beverage technology and creating and nurturing these partnerships allows us to understand where our on-tap beverage services would be most valuable for both our clients and end-users, this information lays the foundation for our long-term strategy for continued growth."

Monumental Markets

Monumental Markets, a CWJ partner, began as a vending company in 1991 and is now focused on micromarkets, pantry and office coffee service. "Given CWJ's recyclable kegs and nitro cold brew and other better-for-you beverages, the partnership turned out to be the perfect fit as Monumental was in search of a partner that prioritized their customers' health and environmental sustainability as highly as they did," according to CWJ.

South Block

South Block, a Washington, DC-based smoothie and avocado toast retail chain, has been in an evolving partnership for CWJ over the past few months. What started with South Block sourcing CWJ whole bean and drip coffee for its shops, has grown into the installation of CWJ's KVMs at several locations providing South Block customers with easy access to on-tap craft beverages. This partnership not only expands CWJ's reach into a new vertical and raises brand awareness, but also allows the South Block team to focus on its smoothie business while still being able to offer a variety of beverage options to customers -- like nitro cold brew -- creating a one-stop beverage shop.

Social Tables

After first speaking with Social Tables, a global SaaS company headquartered in Washington, DC, in May 2018 to understand its employee experience goals, CWJ suggested a trial of the nitro cold brew "free-flow" service. This trial would give Social Tables' operations team a more thorough understanding of CWJ's service standards, as well as provide the company's employees with the chance to try nitro cold brew coffee on tap. Although the coffee was a hit at the office, Social Tables' wasn't able to commit to the free-flow service model at that time, but it expressed interest in reconnecting down the line.

Fast forward to early 2019 when CWJ launched its Kegerator Vending Machine technology, Social Tables was immediately interested in having one in its office. "Having a KVM in their common space provides Social Tables with the ability to offer a variety of premium craft beverages, like Nitro Cold Brew and Kombucha, on tap to their employees around the clock," according to CWJ. "There's no overhead cost or additional fees as the KVM allows users to pay by the ounce for only the amount of beverage they choose to pour, giving employees delicious craft beverages at a below-retail cost without having to leave the comfort of their building."

CWJ, founded more than 14 years ago, provides its office coffee program throughout the Washington, DC, metro area, owns and operates The Java Shack and Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters in Arlington, VA, and operates a fleet of nitro cold brew delivery trikes across Arlington. In 2017, CWJ expanded its office coffee program from the DC Metro Area to New York City, Philadelphia and Baltimore. In 2018, CWJ started offering kombucha on tap to meet consumers' growing demand for variety.