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Coke Vender Aims To Achieve Indian-Pakistani Peace

Posted On: 5/22/2013

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ATLANTA -- Coca-Cola Co. has been doing some imaginative, attention-grabbing things in vending recently. The latest "feel good" vending machine was created to connect people from two dueling nations by allowing each to see and interact with the other.

The "Small World" vending machines equipped with giant, touch-activated 3D screens were placed in malls in Lahore, Pakistan, and New Delhi, India. The machines prompted shoppers in each country to interact with one another, by "touching" hands through the touchscreen interface, tracing peace signs, and even sharing a dance. Cans of Coke dispensed whenever they jointly fulfilled an instruction.

Click here to see video of the vender in action.

Ad Age reported that Coke plans to bring the high-tech vending machines to other countries in conflict, but did not reveal where they're going next.

Vending machines have been at the heart of Coca-Cola's campaign to spread happiness. Recent examples include a machine that asked passersby for a hug, and another that challenged them to demonstrate their best dance moves in exchange for a free drink.

Separately, the Diet Coke Slender Vender, which appears to be about a foot wide, made its debut in Paris last month.