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Coastal Rolls Out Redemption Games Inspired By Evergreen Pop Culture Icons

by Staff Reporter
Posted On: 10/29/2009

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Now available from Coastal Amusements Inc. (Lakewood, NJ) are three new ticket-dispensing redemption products, two of which feature licensed themes that exert wide appeal across age and gender groups.

Batman takes on a variety of familiar archrivals in the company's novel implementation of popular mallet play. DC Comics' ageless crime fighter engages in a "bopping battle" with six popup nemeses: Catwoman, Joker, Riddler, Two-Face, Harley Quinn and Mr. Freeze. An ingenious design element is a clenched-fist "bat glove" hammer instead of the familiar sledge variety. The charismatic presence of Batman and his adversaries, an energetic art package and distinctive whacking feature creates an attractive game for both operator and player.

Operation is a coin-operated version of the popular board game manufactured by Hasbro under its Milton Bradley brand. It debuted in 1965 and has since been in constant production. Its well-known play of steady hand and able skill involves the surgical correction of patient Cavity Sam's comical disorders. The arcade edition is a table crane design built around Sam, lying on his operating-table playfield. A joystick maneuvers "forceps" over 13 body cavities, each representing a particular ailment. Players must lower the forceps into a cavity without touching its sides to earn a ticket reward. A flashing bonus ailment invites more daring players to try for a bigger ticket payout. Operation's vibrant yellow cabinet motif and instantly recognizable imagery and gameplay are eye-catching attributes that will draw patron attention.

Overload is an original redemption game featuring a cabinet modeled on a "Jacob's ladder" electrostatic discharge between two high-voltage electrodes of the sort familiar from mad-scientist movies. Players are challenged to climb through four "power station" levels that become progressively more difficult as the jackpot level is neared. As each level is attained, the player must decide whether to dispense tickets and end the game or risk them in order to advance to the next level and a potentially greater reward. Because Overload is a "winner every time" game, it furnishes all patrons with a pleasing outcome and a playing experience of high perceived-value.

Information can be had from the manufacturer by calling (732) 905-6662 or visiting