Chicago Gaming Unveils Attack From Mars Remake, Brings Pinball Manufacturing Home

Posted On: 6/2/2017

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Doug Skor
Doug Skor
CICERO, IL --Building on their partnership, Chicago Gaming Co. and San Jose, CA's Planetary Pinball Supply are introducing a remake of Attack From Mars. The latest offering that recreates classics from pinball's golden age, the new flipper game is the first manufactured in-house at Chicago Gaming's factory here. The two companies' first remake was Medieval Madness in 2015. Both games were Williams originals.

The new Attack from Mars includes the best features that made the original 1995 game a hit. Planetary Pinball Supply owns the license, which it acquired in 2010, that gives it rights to remake games and replacement parts for Williams pinball machines. Chicago and Planetary plan to release a new title annually.

"The playfield is exactly the same as it was in 1995; so are all the rule sets," said Chicago Gaming's Doug Skor. "It plays exactly as the original. We've integrated a whole bunch of new technologies into the machines. For instance, we're using LED lights, so a light on a machine will never have to be changed again. And the colors are so much more brilliant than they were back then.

Advances in technology have made reprises of classics much more reliable than the original. "That's one thing we've proven to the pinball community," Skor said. "Chicago Gaming produces a reliable system, far more than the original."

While the remake is an almost exact replica of the original, one difference is the size of the machine's display. An LED screen has replaced the original dot matrix display, and it's three times the size. "We painstakingly went in and replaced all of the artwork with digital artwork," Skor explained. "It still looks like dot matrix, but the resolution is much higher."

A subtler change involves the game's cabinetry. The new version is constructed of melamine-clad plywood, which is said to be more scratch resistant than the lacquered finish used on the original cabinetry. The fiberboard bottom has been replaced by 1/2" plywood for improved strength and added protection for the cashbox.

Skor believes that there is tremendous growth in pinball now. "Pinball can't be emulated on a video screen, and the younger generation is discovering that pinball is cool. While a large percentage of what is manufactured today is sold to homes, pinball machines are returning to pubs and arcades in greater numbers."

Attack from Mars is available in three editions -- classic, special and limited -- each offering a variety different options. The limited edition provides an option for an animated topper crafted by Doug Watson, the creator of the original pin.

Chicago Gaming, pinball
REPRISING AN OLD FAVORITE: Jeff Whiteley of Pride Vending NW (Eugene, OR) checks out Chicago Gaming's Attack From Mars remake with Kevin Claussen, Specialty Coin Products (Portland, OR), and Sean Wilson of Chicago Gaming at Amusement Expo International in Dallas.

Chicago Gaming, pinball, coin-op
HOMEMADE: Chicago Gaming is now assembling and wiring pinball machines at its 100,000-sq.ft. factory in Cicero, IL. Here, workers wire up the playfields of Attack From Mars.