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Cantaloupe Systems And Crane Streamware Join Forces To Enhance Remote Sales, Status Monitoring Efficiencies

Posted On: 5/1/2006

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BERKELEY, CA -- Cantaloupe Systems and Crane Streamware announced that both companies have completed the integration of Cantaloupe's Seed remote monitoring platform and Streamware's VendMax software solution, and the combination is now benefiting vending operators.

Cantaloupe's Seed platform offers wireless monitoring of, and alert notification from, a vendor's remote assets. Streamware's VendMax software provides front- and back-office operational management solutions. Working in concert, the two systems boost vendors' operating efficiencies, leading to substantially increased return on investment. The systems, working in tandem through VendMax Remote, also become a major selling advantage because they enhance the purchasing experience for the patron.

Steve Foley of Foley Food & Vending Service (Norwood, MA) runs his operation with VendMax software. By using its advanced forecasting system, Foley can pre-pack the orders for all his machines at his warehouse.

"VendMax has always worked great for us," noted Foley, "but integrating it with the Seed wireless platform has taken us to the next level. The DEX sales data transmitted by Seed feeds into VendMax several times a day, and makes my warehouse pre-picking dead-on accurate. It's perfect for colleges and other unpredictable public locations.

"I'm now experimenting with dynamic scheduling and have found that having access to real-time sales data has saved me from making unnecessary trips to far-away locations," Foley added.

He always has used technology to gain a competitive advantage, and is finding that remote monitoring has helped in closing new accounts. "Cantaloupe's Seed has been a phenomenal sales tool, often allowing us to land new accounts without having to offer the highest commission. It's a real differentiator. My existing customers can log in and see sales information from a special Seed website and be confident that the data is legitimate, since it is electronically transmitted in real time," he said.

Erich Markee, operations manager for A&B Vending Co. (Wakefield, MA) uses Streamware data to facilitate warehouse pre-packing ("pre-kitting") of orders for his snack and frozen machines. "I purchased Cantaloupe's Seed platform as an enhancement to Streamware's pre-kitting program," said Markee, "but I was pleasantly surprised to find that, in addition to optimizing my pre-kitting data, the 'Seed' system contains an extremely beneficial alert feature. Several times the Seed alerts feature saved me from serious inventory meltdowns when my frozen machines had compressor or power failures. When one of my frozen machines loses power, the backup battery of the 'Seed' device enables it to notify me and my service manager via text message. The first time this situation happens at a frozen machine, the system is paid for!"

Cantaloupe currently is working with machine manufacturers to support specific alerts that appear in the DEX data relayed from a machine's controller. These alerts can include any internal malfunction such as a broken motor or a jammed or full bill validator.

For more information call Streamware Corp. at 800-4-STREAM. The system is described online at and