Canadian Tattoo Shop Sells Random Designs For $80 Through Bulk Vending Machine

Posted On: 10/26/2014

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bulk vending, Okey Doke tattoo vending machine TORONTO -- New and regular customers of Toronto's Okey Doke Tattoo Shop can allow a bulk vending machine to choose a tattoo design for them. The price is $80 for a token that buys a turn of the crank at an LYPC machine filled with original designs in 2" capsules. After that, the customer decides whether he or she wants to go under the needle for a permanent version.

The tattoo illustrations in Okey Doke's capsules include retro-looking standards like hearts, daggers and flowers, along with some edgier ones -- not unlike the temporary varieties sold by bulk vending operators.

Okey Doke's Eric Newstead said the machine was placed during the summer and it has become a popular promotion for the shop. "Our five artists drew things they thought would be fun to tattoo and put them in the mix," Newstead told Vending Times. "If you came in with those kinds of designs, they would be $100 or more. So far we've had between 30 and 40 people vend tattoos, and nobody has backed out of the machine's selection."

The majority of people willing to let the universe choose their new tattoos are established Okey Doke patrons, not those walking through the door for their first inking. "After hearing about the machine, a lot of our regulars came in right away because they got excited about the idea," Newstead said. "They heard about it through the grapevine. And that's good, because we did it for fun. We didn't do it to get extra clientele."

bulk vending, Okey Doke tattoo vending machine