Cafection Enterprises Premieres Encore 29 Presentation On YouTube

Posted On: 10/27/2017

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QUÉBEC, QC -- Cafection Enterprises is publicizing its Encore 29 countertop bean-to-cup coffee brewer in a two-minute video presentation on YouTube. The company notes that it can be a helpful aid to operators in communicating the features and benefits of the machine to refreshment service clients and prospects. You can play it below.

The Encore 29 is one of four models in Cafection's new Encore line. It measures only 29" high (thus the name), and accommodates three visible whole-bean hoppers with capacities of 4.2, 3.4 and 2.4 lbs. Three internal soluble-product canisters hold 3.7, 2.4 and 1.2 lbs. of ingredient. The machine features a 0.74-gal. water tank, accepts 1,600-cup filter-paper rolls, and may be plumbed in or supplied from a  water bottle.

The grinding assembly is designed for quieter operation, with a noise-reducing interior panel complementing a high-quality grinder engineered for smooth operation. The machine can deliver three serving-sizes at three brew strengths. The brewing-time, gram throw and recipe settings also are customizable.

An 18.5" HD touchscreen monitor, prominently mounted on the front of the machine, serves as both a user interface and product selector and a function display for adjustment and servicing. The Encore 29 comes with a 3G cellular modem, and can be used with Cafection's Sophia Global Management System. This is a Web-based application that can handle internal communication as well as advertising and cross-promotion.

Among Sophia's features are brew-time and screensaver videos (including beverage descriptions) and the ability to display roaster and coffee service logotypes. It also provides remote monitoring and usage data analysis. Sophia is compatible with the four Encore brewers as well as Cafection's popular Innovation brewer line. It requires a private network connection through the supplied cellular modem, a flash card and an annual subscription.

The Encore 29 runs on 120VAC, 60-Hz. power, drawing 12 amps. It is 22". wide (17.125" between legs) and 24.625 ins. deep (15.765" between legs), including the rear-mounted modem antenna.

The other brewers in the Encore line are the bean-to-cup Encore Light, the Encore Venti and the loose-grounds Encore Ground. All are manufactured in Canada. The company maintains an informative website, available in English and French, at