Brand Vending, Tubz Brands Team Up With High-Impact Toy Tower

Posted On: 7/1/2019

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EYE-CATCHERS: Tubz Toy Factory and Candy Carousel capsule venders can be mounted on a counter (left) or on a stand. Less than a foot in diameter, the machine is suitable for all kinds of location.

PHOENIX, AZ - Brand Vending Products LLC reports that it has been granted an exclusive distributorship in North America for Tubz Brands Ltd. and the Tubz Toy Tower, which Brand Vending identifies as the No. 1 "tower" vending company in the United Kingdom, with more than 30,000 locations throughout Europe.

Brand Vending Products LLC has become a leader in the bulk vending industry over its 24 years, pioneering vending innovations such as the temporary tattoo machine. It is building on that tradition by introducing The World's Smallest Toy & Candy Carousal Tower to the North American market. Brand Vending chief executive Scott Jochim said "this machine is all about innovation, accessibility, selection and style."

The new Tubz Candy and Toy Tower offers nine selections in one machine with a minimal footprint. "It's like a breath of fresh air to the static vending business, changing customers' expectations with its quality, name brands and retail packaging," the company said.

"Until a few years ago, the only vending dispenser on the market was the 'red and black' bulk vender," Tubz Brands observed. "Those dispensers can be perceived to be unhygienic and boring."

Tubz Toy and Candy Towers are the next generation of vending dispensers, with sealed containers and dozens of products to choose from, designed specifically for customers of all kinds. Tubz Brands Towers can hold nine different products (as many as 108 2" capsules total) that vend for prices of 50¢ to $1 -- even tokens - which officials point out offers an excellent profit margin.

Europe is known for requiring a small square footprint, and Tubz explained that it has resolved that issue with its 11.8" diameter base. The towers can fit almost anywhere, and can be placed on a countertop or on a stand. The dispensers are manually operated with no need for electricity. The interactive, innovative "Twist Action" feature of the machine makes using it a fun experience and attraction for everyone. The one-coin mechanism machine is a welcome change to the bulk vending operator, saving on service time and money.

Tubz Brands says market research has shown that it outsells its market rivals among vending dispensers by at least 30%, and in some cases as much as 150%. This, officials say, may be attributed to the unique clear container that allows customers to see the product inside, and Brand Vending Products is leveraging the ability by displaying its newly developed individually wrapped full colored capsules inside the clear chamber of the Tubz tower.

"Brand sees thousands of potential outlets for this dispenser. They are unique, affordable, and easy to locate," Jochim commented.

Brand Vending Products has been promoting and innovating novel, popular bulk vending products for nearly a quarter of a century. The company creates, designs and develops its own toy lines and brands, like the popular SqwishLand figurine series which the National Bulk Vending Association awarded the best-selling 1" capsuled product for 10 years running. The SqwishLand toy line has reportedly sold more than 100 million figurines in both manual retail and vending.

"Our goal has always been to offer unique products that sell through vending machines quickly, and to focus on a streamlined offering of original, strong-selling, quality toys and novelties," Brand emphasized.

This design philosophy has led Brand to launch a number of vending industry firsts, including the first temporary tattoo machines in vending; the first vending toy to distribute more than 100,000,000 pieces and 1" round capsules compatible with candy/gumball machines.

Brand also is known for developing intellectual property specifically for vending, For example, its unique codes delivered in toy capsules give young patrons access to an online/mobile game. According to the manufacturer, this has made Sqwishland "the most affordable digital-and-physical play pattern on the planet."

The company's new partner, Tubz Brands Ltd., was established eight years ago and has become a well-known and respected manufacturer in the UK vending industry. Over the past three years, the Tubz brand has grown to the No. 1 vending tower brand, according to the company, supplying more products to more operators than any other company in the UK. It reports serving more than 30,000 locations throughout Europe.