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Brand Vending Products Renews Push Into Flat Arena With Novel Stickers And Temporary Tattoos

Posted On: 1/24/2017

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Brand Vending Products
FLAT QUALITY, AND LOTS OF IT: Brand's new Wild Society consists of 13 tats depicting anthropomorphic animals. Glitter Sweet Sixteen offers 16 tats featuring sparkling feminine images. Boogily Heads comprises 12 stickers sporting designs by artist Gus Fink.
PHOENIX -- Brand Vending Products is reporting brisk sales for its latest flat vending collectibles. A strong rollout of temporary tattoo and sticker lines signals the company's renewed push into the flat vending product category. The release of Wild Society and Glitter Sweet Sixteen tattoos and Boogily Heads stickers followS a year's worth of research and development.

The new lines boast original artwork, according to Brand. Boogily Heads, by renowned artist Gus Fink, features playfully macabre imagery aimed at both boys and girls. Random product boxes for the series, described as "edgy" and "different," ship with autographed stickers by the artist.

"We believe the industry needs some innovation in the flat vending channel and we have the time and resources to focus on that as we once did," said Brand's Craig Goodman. "These products will raise the bar once again for original artwork in flat vending for stickers and tattoos."

Brand is returning to familiar territory with renewed attention to flat vending. The company, which pioneered the sales of temporary tattoos through vending machines, was also among the first to offer high-quality, original artwork that appealed to the category's core teen and tween demographic. While Brand has recently focused on producing such capsuled novelties as SqwishLand, a bestseller in bulk vending machines, its flat vending homecoming is expected to generate intense interest among vendors.

Brand Vending Products was established by husband-and-wife team Dax and Lauri Logue. In addition to temporary tattoos, their company conceptualized 1" round capsules compatible with candy and gumball machines, intellectual property developed specifically for vending and "unique" codes in capsules associated with online games. A new husband-and-wife team, Scott and Annee Jochim, are Brand's new owners. Scott is owner of the Sqwishland, A Web- and mobile-enriched toy whose online MMOG component has about 1 million users.

For sales information, email Goodman at or call (800) 967-3048.

Brand Vending Products, Scott Jochim, Kalin Ramsey
LOOKING GOOD: Brand chief executive Scott Jochim (r.) and art director Kalin Ramsey look over flat novelty designs.