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Betson Takes On New Game In BBH Safari; Moves Ahead With CoinUp, F&F:Drift Kits

Posted On: 5/11/2008

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CARLSTADT, NJ -- Standard and new deluxe versions of the extended Big Buck Hunter line were shown in final production form at the Amusement Showcase International in Las Vegas. Big Buck Safari, designed through the merged efforts of Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix and manufactured and marketed by Betson Enterprises, brings a safari theme to the ubiquitous videogame franchise.

The manufacturer noted that there are now more than 10,000 on-location units of its last update to the line, Big Buck Hunter Pro, which debuted two years ago. Officials said they anticipate solid success with the new game as well.

Big Buck Safari is a shooting videogame that allows up to four patrons to compete. It offers 15 different "treks," with the terrain corresponding to the hunted animal. Players can hunt exotic antlered species such as sables, cape buffalos and wildebeests, as well as trophy animals like lions, zebras and elephants, in settings that range from grassy savannas to lush jungles.

The deluxe cabinet displays game action on a 42-in. widescreen LCD. Two lightweight plastic pump-action rifles, when not in use, sit in racks molded into a stand situated in front of the main cabinet body. This attached extension also houses the payment system.

The standard model has a 27-in. monitor, and does not include the extended gun stand.

BIG CATS: Betson's Bob Boals (left) and Bob Geschine prepare for big-game hunting journey on new Big Buck Safari, shown here during recent Amusement Showcase International.

Betson also highlighted CoinUp, an Internet-based tournament management system that currently works with its Big Buck Hunter Pro videogame (see VT, June 2007). The technology, developed by Play Mechanix, allows operators to create and administer tournaments with great versatility. Events can range from small, local-level competitions to nationwide tournaments coordinated among selected colleagues, and Play Mechanix will sponsor and support comprehensive competitions that offer cash prizes and promotional tie-ins with other sponsors as well.

Operators who have tested the system hail its potential to increase profits for BBHPs on location. Scott and Shawn Dean of Dean Vending (Minneapolis) said that collections rose 64% after deploying the technology. Tim Zahn of American Amusement Arcade (Bloomington, MN) also said it increased earnings.

CoinUp upgrade kits, now available, install using a DVD-ROM. In addition to providing the tournament software, they bolster game content and give operators access to online diagnostic and remote management tools, among other benefits. A magnetic card reader is also included.

Additionally, Betson said full conversion kits are now available for The Fast and The Furious: Drift driving game, created by Raw Thrills/Play Mechanix.

The kit includes a Dell PC with an extensive graphics package and preloaded software that will allow operators easily to convert some older driving games. Only a screwdriver and drill are needed to convert any Cruis'n USA, Cruis'n World, Cruis'n Exotica, California Speed or Off Road Challenge videogame.

For more information, contact Betson at (800) 524-2343 or visit