Betson Rolls Out Four Action-Packed Games At IAAPA Show; Batman And Aliens By Raw Thrills Lead Pack

Posted On: 11/19/2013

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Betson, arcade video game ORLANDO, FL -- Betson Enterprises this week is taking the wraps off its latest arcade games in booth No. 2017 at the annual International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions' trade show here.

New at the show is Batman!, an arcade-style driving game that offers players the choice of 10 Batmobiles -- based on the futuristic vehicles developed for Batman dramatizations ranging from the television show to "The Dark Knight" -- and 36 missions, in which the patron plays the role of the Caped Crusader as he endeavors to foil the sinister machinations of Bane, Mr. Freeze and The Joker. There also are three "aerial missions" featuring "The Bat."

The game, developed by Raw Thrills, features a steering wheel equipped with triggers for quick and easy discharge of the available weapons, as well as six "power ups" collected in the course of the mission. The piece is topped by a massive glowing Batsignal and illuminated by more than 500 LEDs, which attract the attention of potential players. It's supplied in a 42" deluxe cabinet with two-way linkable design. Its "mission-based" gameplay encourages continuing play, and the player account system keeps track of mission progress and high scores. Betson pointed out that the perennial appeal of the franchise has been heightened by the announcement of plans for a new Batman film.

Also from the Raw Thrills studios is Alien Armageddon, based on the popular science fiction franchise. The player is challenged to help battle invading extraterrestrial creatures that have destroyed all of Earth's major cities. A fully licensed Aliens product, the game offers four chapters of "intense" gameplay as players experience a battle against "enormous xenomorphs," augmented by cutting-edge graphics and audio effects. The war is waged with force-feedback guns featuring clip reload and alternate fire button. The game is CoinUp-enabled, with online leaderboards encouraging players to come back over and over again. The lighted multi-layer Alien topper attracts attention from across the room. The deluxe model comes standard with a massive 55" HD LCD display; a 42" mounted-gun version is also available, to accommodate locations' space limitations. Both cabinets' illumination is synchronized with in-game actions, adding another layer of excitement.

A perennial favorite, Big Buck Hunter has been upgraded to take digital hunting to the next level. Released at the IAAPA show, Big Buck HD features high-definition video. Betson reports that all connected Big Buck HD machines now will offer gameplay, as well as exclusive additional content, based on A&E's smash hit "Duck Dynasty" reality TV show. The original Duck Dynasty content will offer 16 rounds of duck hunting, four ducks and four unique bonus games. Video and audio clips from the show add to the enjoyment during play. The updated online/new machines also now will offer three modes of play: Duck Dynasty -- Duck Huntin' with the Robertsons; Big Buck Arcade -- Pure Huntin' Action; and Big Buck HD -- the Full Big Buck Experience.

Rounding out Betson's 2013 IAAPA introductions is Barrel Of Monkeys. Based on the family game that has been a favorite since its introduction in 1965, it's fully licensed by Hasbro.

Barrel Of Monkeys is a kid-friendly game featuring one-button control for easy play. Barrel Of Monkeys introduces Cheeky Monkey (a purple monkey), Hasbro's newest character. Different monkeys are worth different amounts; the player need only link monkeys together to win tickets. The Gold Monkey is the 10th in the troop, and appropriately, it carries the bonus. Linking all 10 monkeys transports the player to a secret chamber and the Bonus Show, with a choice three different environments to play in: the beach, the jungle, and a waterfall. The colorful cabinet features artwork of the monkey characters to spark potential players' curiosity. A 42" HD LCD display and eye-catching lighted topper help the new game stand out in any location.