Betson Northwest Show Spotlights Halo Arcade Game For Xbox Fans

Posted On: 10/3/2018

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VANCOUVER, WA -- Betson will conduct its 9th Annual Betson Specialty Coin Northwest Amusement Showcase at the Hilton Hotel at 301 West 6th St. here from 11  a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 13. The eagerly-anticipated regional show features refreshments, door prizes and a high-score tournament, as well as informative seminars.

Among new amusement equipment on display at the 2018 Betson Specialty Coin Northwest Amusement Showcase will be a novel arcade piece that extends the “Halo” realm from Microsoft’s Xbox console to an eye-catching four-player shooting game. Called Halo Fireteam Raven, it was crafted by  Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix in a unique partnership with Microsoft Studio’s 343 Industries.

Licensed by Microsoft, the game is set in the timeframe of Halo: Combat Evolved. The new arcade experience puts players into the boots of Fireteam Raven, a group of elite Orbital Drop Shock Troopers on the surface of Alpha Halo fighting to prevent the alien Covenant alliance from taking control of  the Halo ringworld.

The large-footprint game offers an immersive environment for the fireteam, enhanced by a 5.1 surround-sound audio system and “force feedback” guns that simulate recoil. The display is a 4K 130-in. panoramic screen. Microsoft Xbox enthusiasts can link their own Xbox Live Gamertags and accounts by means of a convenient quick response code, offering access to exclusive stats and rewards.

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