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Betson Enterprises Ships DDR Upgrade Kit And Final Inventory Of Dedicated SuperNova Machines

Posted On: 5/19/2007

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CARLSTADT, NJ -- Betson Enterprises, North America's largest amusement games distributor and marketer, announced that it has begun shipping Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova upgrade kits. The upgrade converts legacy DDR games, early versions that predate the latest incarnation, to the new feature-rich DDR SuperNova. It can also update In The Groove, another dance game made by the former Roxor Games.

Betson's vice-president of sales, Bob Boals, reports that the number of DDR SuperNova kits available is limited to 200. The Betson executive added that there are only 50 dedicated SuperNova games remaining for shipping.

"This is the last opportunity for operators to upgrade to DDR SuperNova," Boals stressed. "And this product upgrade is particularly important because following updates will only be supported by games running on the SuperNova system. So operators interested in future advancements for their DDR product will need to act immediately." Betson is expected to stock and ship the upcoming SuperNova 2 upgrade at the end of 2007. The second SuperNova release will be the 10th installment in the DDR series.

Japanese video game maker Konami develops and produces the Dance Dance Revolution series. In the U.S., Betson manufactures and exclusively markets through its distribution partners the DDR arcade line, which is part of the 75-year-old company's growing "proprietary" equipment business. The enduring and popular music video game series, launched in 1998, has become a worldwide pop-culture phenomenon. And DDR SuperNova, which Betson rolled out nearly one year ago, is further increasing the game's appeal, according to Boals.

The DDR SuperNova conversion kit consists of a new computer, a Sony PlayStation, allied hardware and cabinet graphics. The game is powered by an advanced computing system comprised of a PC and PlayStation that communicate over an infrared link. The upgrade installs into the two-player DDR arcade machine, widely recognized by its dance platforms, equipped with rear safety bars, and wide-bottom cabinet that houses two large floor speakers and glowing neon lamps.

DDR SuperNova upgrades are only supported by two-player legacy DDR machines. The legacy DDR Solo model, a smaller format modified to work with a single dance platform and six arrow panels, is not supported.

DDR SuperNova was the first new arcade version released in the U.S. in the past seven years. It features 300-plus songs covering a wide variety of music genres, more than 2,000 dance patterns and several innovative content enhancements. Like the original, the game is played on a dance pad with four arrow panels (left, down, up and right) on which players use their feet to respond to arrows -- synchronized to the beat of the chosen music -- displayed on the game's monitor. However, Boals explained, classic DDR gameplay is greatly improved in the environment of the new version.

SuperNova introduces fully animated 3D backgrounds in which dancing avatars perform realistic routines. Another enhancement in computer animation is seen in the machine's ability to run video backgrounds along with the music.

For novices, SuperNova offers a brand-new Tutorial Mode that introduces the fine points and techniques of Dance Dance Revolution. It starts them slowly and progresses with their ability until they're ready to keep up with hardcore DDR masters, who can sometimes make the game look imposingly challenging.

For seasoned dancers, SuperNova's new two-player Battle Mode enables skillful players who properly execute sequences to send "attacks" -- in the form of dynamically altered dance patterns -- over to his or her challenger.

"With some 100 different versions produced for the arcade and consumer markets since its launch almost 10 years ago, Dance Dance Revolution is one of the most unique games ever made," observed Boals. "DDR SuperNova, jam-packed with lots of cool stuff, takes DDR to an exciting new level. The game has received very favorable responses from the operator and player bases in the U.S. It's getting considerable publicity, too, which not only bolsters the game's image, but also reflects positively on the entire coin-op amusement industry."

Information on DDR SuperNova upgrade kit products, dedicated SuperNova machines and authorized DDR distributors is available by calling Betson Enterprises' Carlstadt, NJ, corporate headquarters at (201) 438-1300. Information on Betson, and its sales and service branch offices around the country, can be found online at