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Benchmark Unveils Balloon-Popping Redemption Game, Explosive

Posted On: 8/22/2013

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Benchmark Explosive balloon game HYPOLUXO, FL -- New from Benchmark Games is Explosive, a visually arresting two-player redemption game that challenges competitors to control the inflation of a balloon in order to pop it at just the right time. Explosive replaces Pop-It for Gold (standard), which has been retired. | SEE STORY

The game features two large glass enclosures side by side, each housing a colorful "light wheel" with a partially inflated balloon below it, and a circular-saw blade beneath the balloon.

The wheel is marked with radial "zones" and their values. When play is initiated, the wheel spins and a player attempts to halt it so an "Instant Pop" value lines up with the stationary index, to score points and earn tickets. Alternatively, players may attempt to stop the wheel at a "pump zone" that indicates a volume of air to be added to the balloon. If a player can bring enough of those into position to inflate the balloon into contact with the saw, it bursts with a "loud, exciting pop" and yields the jackpot.

The game features LED illumination (so there are no light bulbs to change) and is operator-adjustable. It stands 93" high and measures 77" W. x 41" D.

Benchmark also can supply replacement balloons, made of material whose thickness and color is designed for reliable detection by an optoelectronic sensor.

Explosive joins Pop-It Xtreme, also inspired by the success of the original Pop-It for Gold. This model presents a large (42" diameter) balloon, and is available in two cabinet heights, 11 feet and 8-1/2 feet.

Founded in 1993 by coin machine veterans Al Kress and Ron Halliburton, Benchmark Games designs, produces and markets a variety of redemption games and self-contained merchandisers. It manufactures its equipment in the United States.